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CSRC will resolutely implement the Opinions on Strictly Cracking down on Illegal Securities Activities issued by the Office of the Central Committee of the People’s Republic of China and the Office of The State Council, and strictly investigate and punish illegal securities intermediary organizations according to law according to the working principle of “zero tolerance”.China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) launched the reform of dealing with goods and banks, which is conducive to enhancing the security of the settlement system and further attracting foreign capital into the Chinese market.The People’s Bank of China and the China Banking And Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBRC) solicit public opinions on the Administrative Measures on Acceptance, discount and rediscount of Commercial Drafts (Draft).China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) solicits public comments on the Administrative Measures for Securities Registration and Settlement (Draft).The CBRC promulgated the Measures for the Administration of Affiliated Transactions of Banking and Insurance Institutions.China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) solicits comments on the Interim Regulations on Supervision of Important Money Market Funds (Draft).Clarify the definition and evaluation methods of important money market funds, and effectively identify important money market funds;Clarify additional regulatory requirements for important money market funds to enhance their resilience;We will clarify the risk prevention, control and supervision mechanisms for important money market funds.Sfda: further strengthen the management of radioactive drugs.The Shanghai Municipal Government issued the Outline of Chongming World-class Ecological Island Development Plan (2021-2035).State Railway Group held a meeting on railway construction: continue to regard sichuan-Tibet railway as the “number one project” in railway construction.Xiamen: Families already living in affordable rental houses can swap houses voluntarily without financial compensation.Shanghai Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau issued the “Overview of the Development of Elderly Care Industry in Yangtze River Delta region (2021)”.According to the latest data from the seventh national census, the proportion of the elderly population in the Yangtze River Delta has exceeded 20 percent, and has entered the moderate aging stage.Shanghai issued guidelines to promote the development of enterprise annuity, and take multiple measures to build a multi-level and multi-pillar endowment insurance system.24 projects of Shanghai Fengxian New City have been signed with a total investment of about 38 billion yuan.Xi ‘an issued “Ten financial rules” : to extend or extend loans due during the epidemic prevention period.| | 9 news information Ann medical: U.S. subsidiary contract products have obtained FDA emergency authorized in the United States.Digital RMB has generated revenue from off-site projects for the Winter Olympics.Hongchuan Wisdom: subsidiary ship chemical washing water and oily sewage collection and disposal station put into operation.Huaihe Energy: Renew strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Salt Industry Group.Ao Nong Group: signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hubei Grain Company.Shuanghui Development: Signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zhengbang Technology.Yunsai Zhilian: Signed a cooperation agreement with Antai School of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.Zhongzhou special materials: signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Veduli Valve Co., LTD.| performance, bidding, sign the bill | east rain rainbow: 2021 full-year net profit increased 23.50% year-on-year.Shanghai Electric Power co., LTD. : In 2021, the combined caliber power generation will increase by 21.57% year on year.Hals: 2021 forecast profit of 125-150 million yuan, year-on-year loss.Xinwanda: 20%-20% increase in net profit in 2021.Oriental Bio: Net profit is expected to increase by 181.45%-205.31% year-on-year in 2021.Qianjin Pharmaceutical: net profit of 302 million yuan in 2021, with a pre-increase of 1.62% year-on-year.Jincard intelligent: net profit in 2021 is expected to increase 120%-180% year on year.Guofeng Plastics: 2021 net profit increase by 144%.Heavy Pharmaceutical Holdings: 2021 net profit is expected to increase 9.69% to 16.47% year on year.Yuegui Shares: 2021 net profit increase 243%-410%.Megastar Technology: Expected profit of 1.283 billion yuan to 1.418 billion yuan in 2021, year-on-year change of -5%-5%.Jingfeng Mingyuan: Expected net profit of 660 million yuan to 680 million yuan in 2021, up 858% to 887% year on year.Aotai Bio: Net profit is expected to increase by 3.78% to 17.05% year-on-year in 2021.Furui Shares: 2021 net profit increase 45.38%-69.61%.Citic Special Steel: 2021 net profit forecast to increase 31.82% year on year.Tunan Stock: net profit in 2021 is expected to increase by 55%-70% year on year.Mansheng Shares: Forecast a 103% to 116% year-on-year increase in net profit in 2021.China Renmi: Net profit is expected to grow 54% to 66% year on year in 2021 on a retroactive basis.Tbea Electric: Net profit is expected to grow 173.44%-193.54% year-on-year in 2021.Lizhu Group: 2021 net profit growth of 0% – 10%.China Merchants Bank: net profit will increase 23.2% in 2021.Ping An Insurance: The total premium income of original insurance contracts in 2021 was 760.3 billion yuan.Siyuan Electric: net profit increase 29.72% in 2021.Gao Zhengcivil Explosive: 2021 net profit increase 27.67%-76.56%.Big Dipper Tong: Net profit in 2021 will increase by 36.5%-50.1% compared to the same period last year.Shuangliang Energy Saving: Net profit is expected to grow 107.4%-136.5% year-on-year in 2021.Hangyang Stock: net profit is expected to grow 36.39% to 54.18% year-on-year in 2021.Yongxin Optics: Expects a year-on-year net profit growth of about 62% in 2021.China Coal Energy: Expects net profit to increase 99.4%-143.6% year-on-year in 2021.Jin Kong Coal: net profit is expected to increase by 455.84% year-on-year in 2021.Zhongke Finance: 2021 expected loss of 54.03 million to 81.04 million yuan, year-on-year loss.Wenke Landscape: Projected net loss of 1.3 billion yuan to 1.8 billion yuan in 2021.Maxto Co., LTD. : It plans to win the bidding of the comprehensive service project of intelligent ultrasonic water meter procurement of 301 million yuan.North Share: won the TR100A mining vehicle procurement project of nearly 300 million yuan.Fujian Jinson: signed cooperation contract with Sichuan Santai County to jointly promote the development of forestry industry.Shagang shares: holding subsidiaries to complete the purchase of iron – making capacity indicators.Jiaying Pharmaceutical: subsidiary won the bid for medical equipment procurement project.Huahong Technology: The wholly-owned subsidiary Xintai Technology has signed “long-term supply agreement” with Minmetals Rare Earth Group and Ningbo Funeng Respectively.Tunnel Shares: won two underground projects in Qingdao.CLP Environmental Protection: signed EPC contract of 384 million yuan.Enjie Stock: subsidiary signed the lithium battery isolation film product contract.Aerospace information: won the bidding of jilin Taxation Bureau gas station data management platform integration project.| investment and financing, equity transfer | ningde era: sichuan set up new energy resources the company registered capital of 1 billion yuan.Base egg biology: plan to invest 20 million yuan to participate in the establishment of venture capital funds.Ruihuatai: it plans to raise no more than 430 million yuan by issuing convertible bonds to invest in jiaxing high-performance polyimide film project, etc.Puyang Huicheng: the subsidiary intends to invest and build functional materials research and development and pilot test integration projects.Tang Renshen: The shareholder Caixin Asset Management intends to transfer 6.13% of its shares to Caixin Jingxin.Jiangsu Wuzhong: It plans to invest and construct the first phase project of jiangsu Wuzhong Pharmaceutical Group R&D and Industrialization Base, with a total investment of about 1.728 billion yuan.Midea Group: established an auto parts company with a registered capital of 200 million yuan.Sanquan Food: Invested and established a private equity investment fund partnership.Jidian shares: investment to establish a new energy company, business scope including motor vehicle charging sales.Yuntu Holdings: 2.15 billion yuan investment in the construction of green chemical cycle industrial park.Anhui Natural Gas: Delisted Shenzhen Energy & Gas Investment Holding Co., Ltd. for 839 million yuan, through a capital increase to release 10% of the project’s stake of no more than 45%.Yinlong Shares: invest in new sources of power to achieve new development in the field of new energy.Kanneng Health: the actual controller intends to donate 4.58% of the shares to the Foundation for free.Yingfeng Environment: The second phase of the employee stock ownership plan will not exceed 500 million yuan.Aier Eye: proposed to acquire 70% equity of Shunde Aier.| stop resumption, move, risk tip | jinan high-tech: move announcement, YiKeWei biological research of nucleic acid detection reagent has not been applied to clinical.Wind language building: Risk notice, the company and Baidu cooperation is still in the early stage.Hotview bio: Abnormal announcement, the sales volume and profit contribution of COVID-19 products have great uncertainty.Changchuan Technology: plans to issue shares to purchase assets and other matters, shares suspended.Gravitation media: abnormal announcement, has signed the digital flow of small commercial value and liquidity capacity uncertainty.*ST Zotye: cancel the delisting risk warning due to restructuring.Jiuan Medical: In reply to the letter of concern of shenzhen Stock Exchange, the company is currently authorized by THE US FDA EUA, which can be sold in the US, but has not yet obtained the domestic license, so it cannot be put into use in China.The U.S. government has the right to terminate the contract at any time for its own reasons.The company has no behavior or motive to use information disclosure to hype the stock price.*ST Xinyi: Received the filing notice sent by Xinjiang Securities Regulatory Bureau.| suspension, | to the announcement of the buyback, increase or decrease ShengYang technology: will a share buyback by no more than 18 yuan/share price rise to no more than 34.7 yuan/share.Zhongyida: shareholder Xizang Yi b intends to reduce the holding of not more than 1% of the shares.Cambridge Technology: shareholder Kangling Technology intends to reduce its stake by no more than 1.24%.Baichuan energy: shareholder Cao Fei intends to reduce not more than 6.88% of the shares.Airasia Technology: shares of China Eastern Airlines development assets to reduce the holding of no more than 2% of the company’s shares.China Anda: Linkage investment reduced its holdings by 4.66% by completing bulk transactions.A-share market: The Shanghai Composite index fell 0.96%, the Shenzhen Component index rose 0.09%, and the Chinext index rose 1.18%.The two cities clinched a total of 1.11 trillion yuan.New Third Board: on January 14, a total of 6,931 listed companies, no increase or decrease on the day, the transaction amount of 548 million.The three-board component index closed at 1137.84, up 0.07%, with turnover of 394 million yuan.Bse: As of January 14, there were 83 companies listed on BSE, with no increase or decrease on that day.Total market value of 256.398 billion yuan, transaction amount of 1.882 billion yuan.Balance of financing between the two cities: as of January 13, the two cities total 1705246 billion yuan, 545 million yuan less than the previous trading day.Domestic commodity futures: as of January 14 afternoon close, dates main contract up more than 5%, glass up more than 4%, methanol up more than 3%, ethylene glycol, soda, PTA, Shanghai nickel, PVC up more than 2%, Shanghai aluminum, staple fiber, styrene, fuel oil, PP up more than 1%.LME nickel extended gains on the day to 3 percent at $22,870 a tonne, its highest level since August 2011.Coke fell more than 3 per cent, coking coal, iron ore and LPG fell more than 2 per cent, and thermal coal, rapeseed meal and soybean meal fell more than 1 per cent.People’s Bank of China: January 14, 10 billion yuan of 7-day reverse repurchase operation, 10 billion yuan of reverse repurchase expiration on that day.Hong Kong: Hang Seng index lost 0.19%.The index of state-owned enterprises fell 0.55%.Nbi capital bought a net $282 million today.On Wall Street: The Dow fell 0.56%, the Nasdaq rose 0.59% and the S&P 500 rose 0.08%.European markets: Germany’s DAX30 index fell 0.93%;Britain’s FTSE 100 fell 0.28%;France’s CAC40 index fell 0.81%.Asia: The Nikkei 225 index lost 1.28%.South Korea’s KOSPI index fell 1.36%.Shanghai Steel Association released data showing that on January 14, electrolytic cobalt rose 1000-1500 yuan/ton;Lithium metal up 40,000 yuan/ton;Lithium carbonate up 1300 yuan/ton;Lithium hydroxide rose 1500-3500 yuan/ton;In terms of anode, graphitization (processing costs) increased by 1000 yuan/ton.