I’d rather be single than ambiguous with my boss

2022-06-08 0 By

The boss said, I want to build perfect shop highest salary!A: I know what the boss means. It’s just an unspoken rule!Divorce with children, has not found the right single!But he was wrong about me!Even though I’m divorced and short of money, I have principles!I have been with the company for five years. What does it say that you notice me after five years?Love grows over time?I am no longer a little girl, past the age of dreaming!He promoted me because many of the older employees in the store were gone, but I’ve been there all these years.He’s whimsical, or he’s crazy about money, and he wants to hook me up and work for him for free. I won’t do it!I am single because I have not met the right person, there is the right person, of course will remarry!Although my academic record is not high, but three views are absolutely positive!Divorce has let the child lost the family of origin, can’t let his thoughts have stains!Shame the child!Besides, I have hands and feet, and I don’t rely on people to keep me!Husband excepted!So in the face of the boss again and again hint, I joke over!Don’t offend, also don’t answer!Have you ever had a boss like that in your life? Do you think he’s sincere