Ganzhou speeds up the construction of “near and far” financial talent ecology

2022-06-08 0 By

Ganzhou News (reporter Liang Jian) deep cultivation of talent fertile soil, to create “near and far” financial talent ecology.Recently, the reporter learned from ganzhou related press conference, the city adhere to the combination of introduction and training, highlighting the policy awards and officer incentives, to create a strong political, good style of work, proficient in the financial work of the cadre team, ganzhou to help build inclusive financial reform pilot zone.At present, there are about 65,000 financial professionals in The city, including more than 500 financial talents with experience in the headquarters of financial institutions, CFA or FRM certificates and senior professional titles.In recent years, Ganzhou has attached great importance to the development of financial talents and the work of financial supporting innovative and entrepreneurial talents. By innovating ideas and taking multiple measures, Ganzhou has provided strong financial talents and intellectual support for the construction of inclusive financial reform pilot zone and regional financial center.Policies and measures such as “30 New Policies for Talents” and “18 Supplementary measures” will be fully implemented, and policies exclusively for financial talents will be introduced to create more career opportunities for financial talents.Multi-level financial forums, financial salons, financial evening talks and other activities will be held to create a “life circle + friends circle” for financial talents.Actively held a series of talent recruitment activities, organized Ganzhou Bank and other financial institutions to participate in relevant job fairs, docking headhunting companies to attract talents;Jointly with Jiangxi University of Science and Technology and Gannan Normal University, three financial job fairs were held, with more than 60 institutions providing more than 1200 positions to promote the employment of college graduates in local areas.In 2021, the city introduced 11 high-level financial talents above D level and 160 talents in urgent need in E type industry, respectively increasing by more than 15% compared with the previous year.In order to stimulate innovation and creativity, Ganzhou pays attention to multi-level training of financial talents. Relying on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges and other platforms, ganzhou carries out urgent and cutting-edge knowledge training, sets up the municipal financial experts service group, and carries out financial theory and practical operation training.Promote the combination of talent introduction and investment attraction, introduce shenzhen Venture capital and other leading institutions to invest in local enterprises, give full play to the synergistic advantages of the headquarters of financial institutions, and cooperate with 7 strategic customers to settle in Ganzhou.At present, there are a total of 188 financial institutions in the city, and a number of major platforms and projects such as Shanghai Stock Exchange service Base, Shenzhen Stock Exchange roadshow Center, and Jiangsu M&a Fund Industrial Park have been implemented one after another. Relying on the platform, more than 100 experts from the stock exchange, intermediary institutions and investment banks have been invited to consult enterprises and provide more than 100 solutions.It innovated the mode of “think tank + talent + project”, integrated the superior resources of government, university and enterprise, established the Municipal Financial Research Institute and other institutions, introduced more than 60 high-level financial talents and carried out more than 30 research projects through project research and project cooperation.