Dream westward Journey: What equipment should you choose?

2022-06-08 0 By

What kind of equipment should the five-driver carry?Today first explain a problem, a lot of people say five steps to talk about the game, but also five steps to talk nonsense, every time see the content of five steps, feel to see a lot of, and feel nothing to see, for this point of view, five steps I both for and against.The reason for five-step’s approval is: “They play fantasy better than I do, so I feel like I’m talking nonsense.”The reason for the five-step objection is: “They just feel taller than me, maybe actually, five-step is to serve the battle, they are to play the map.At the same time five steps feel to see the strategy, just like Zhang Wuji learning tai chi, learn to forget, or do not know what they learn is what moves, to win without a move.Now let’s get to the point. What kind of equipment should the five-driver bring?First of all, what kind of equipment should the five-driver take? It depends on how much W there is in the hand. If there is enough W in the hand, what kind of equipment can be taken.Tier 69 can carry up to six tier 150 unrated gear, and you can take whatever you want, as long as you’re happy.Secondly, if the hand w is not enough, it has to find a way to bring 3 failures with high attribute equipment.Physics weapons, try not to wear, the rest of the equipment can bring 3 failed, but not more than 130 level.Level 130 armor durability can be repaired with pearls, or with earthly stones, but with level 140 armor, there is no way.Again, under normal circumstances, five open equipment gems, generally in the 8 section is enough, higher section is a bit of waste, do not conform to the positioning of five open.Drunk, five fired a few doors need to bring 4 holes outside, the rest of the doors generally do not need, after all, runes need a little more fantasy coins.For example: fixing need double 4 holes, Tiangong need day thunder ground fire, five zhuang need misty rain fluttering, Datang need inadvertently inserted liu.Summary: today from the macro grasp of the five open need to take what kind of equipment, specific words according to each person’s situation, specific problems specific analysis.