Chinese New Year relatives formalized, rice does not eat, put down the gift to go, the old farmer is not happy, affection?

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It’s the Spring Festival again, and migrant workers who work outside have returned to their hometowns one after another, feeling the different atmosphere of the Spring Festival.However, when returning home for the Spring Festival, people should also visit relatives and friends and the elderly to show their thoughts and respect to their elders.In the past, people in rural areas have always attached great importance to affection and would pay special attention to the maintenance of family ties, visiting relatives once in a while.At that time, the ceremony of visiting relatives was also very simple. You could visit relatives and friends with some local specialties. Relatives would not mind anything, but would send something when they left.However, with the improvement of living standards nowadays, every time we visit our relatives, we will carry large packages of gifts, which seems to be especially respectable.However, people’s life is rich, but the family is slowly worn out in money.Some people said that today’s Spring Festival has lost the flavor of the year, let alone visiting relatives, just like going through the motions, skipping meals, swiping mobile phones and leaving.There are people, a day will be seven aunts eight aunts and other relatives to go again, every time to send gifts, stay for ten minutes to go, as if to complete the task of the same perfunctory, this is how to return a responsibility?Believe the above description, many people feel the same way, relatives get together, it is difficult to stay too long, even if a sumptuous meal is prepared, still can not keep someone!Is everyone so busy that they don’t even have time to eat?Apparently not, for several reasons.In the past, rural people could only eat rich food during the Spring Festival, and they would buy more food to welcome relatives when preparing for the Spring Festival.Therefore, children also look forward to visiting relatives during the Spring Festival, so that they can have delicious food and stay in their relatives’ homes for a while.But now the standard of living has improved, weekday diet is not bad, even if relatives do not eat a meal.You know, nowadays people travel by car, but driving without drinking, but not a lot of fun on the table, it is better to go home to eat and drink.What’s more, people in rural areas are busier now and rarely go home except during the Spring Festival, so they don’t want to waste time visiting relatives during the Spring Festival.Compared with the past, rural people do pay more attention to feelings, but with the change of The Times, people pay more attention to money, but the feelings become a lot weaker.When relatives get together, there is little heart-to-heart and caring, but more talk about money.Have you bought a house or a car?What kind of work?What’s your annual income?Did you find someone?If you have a decent income and a house and a car, you will be treated with respect. If not, they will brag about how great they are and even ignore you.Because the heart of comparison is heavier, this makes young people very uncomfortable, mix not good directly do not go to relatives, for fear of being gossiped, look down on.In the past, it took three generations for relatives to break off contact, and the relationship between Cousins was also very deep.But now it is different, many places are basically “first generation”, Cousins do not have much contact.Especially after the last generation is dead, the Cousins are even less connected.Relatives also have less to say if they are not in the same industry.After all, we are far away from each other, and there is not much overlap in our lives. After meeting each other, we will feel very awkward. After exchanging small talk, we can only brush our phones to ease the embarrassment.Nowadays, people from rural areas are coming to live and work in big cities, and the distance between relatives is getting further and further, making it difficult to see each other on weekdays.However, nowadays, communication is more convenient and people can contact each other through video phone anytime.And with communication equipment, rural people go to relatives more selective, for ordinary relatives, may be directly through communication equipment, do not need to come to the door.Even if the door, also just send some gifts in the past to comfort the elderly, then will leave.Indeed, visiting relatives is just like “going through the motions”. In the final analysis, the frequency of visiting relatives is low. People can only get together during the Spring Festival.Add to that the fact that people are under a lot of pressure at work and don’t have much time to spend with family, making visiting relatives feel like completing a mission.In addition, today’s material life is more affluent, we are not rare to eat a meal in the home of relatives, dinner table to ask east and west, let people feel uncomfortable.For young people, it would be better to play with mobile phones.With the advent of the Internet era, it is inevitable that the human touch will be diluted.Many young people think the Spring Festival is too much trouble, so they just spend it in big cities, so they don’t have a lot of personal contact.As a matter of fact, “relatives become closer as they travel”. If you want to make relatives feel more harmonious, you need to move around and keep in touch with each other.No matter what, we still want to go home to visit the Spring Festival, spend more time with parents chat heart-to-heart, more maintain kinship.As for the problem we are joking about, although it does exist, it is not so bad. After all, family affection cannot be measured by money.