“Blizzard warning” On February 13, duolun County meteorological station issued a blue blizzard warning “level IV/general”

2022-06-08 0 By

Duolun County Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning signal at 10:15 on February 13, 2022: duolun County snowfall within 12 hours will be more than 4 mm, please relevant units and personnel to prepare.1. The government and relevant departments shall make preparations for snow disasters and freezing damage according to their duties;2. Transportation, railway, electric power and communications departments shall carry out road, railway and line inspection and maintenance, and do a good job in road clearing and snow melting;3. Pedestrians should pay attention to anti-skid, drivers should drive carefully, vehicles should take anti-skid measures;4. The farming and pastoral areas and the breeding and breeding industries should reserve feed and prepare for snow disaster and freezing damage;5. Temporary structures that are easy to be crushed by snow, such as reinforced scaffolds.