China First Tow “energy-saving and environmental protection agricultural diesel engine key technology development and popularization and application” passed the appraisal

2022-06-07 0 By

Recently, the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering (CME) organized by video conference the “development and Promotion of key technologies of energy-saving and environmental protection agricultural diesel Engine” project achievement appraisal meeting jointly completed by 6 companies including China Yitao Tractor Research Institute.Appraisal committee believe that the project breaks through the new Gao Qianghua agricultural diesel engine design and system optimization technique, suitable for agricultural machinery working characteristics of diesel engine and application technology of post-processing and agricultural diesel engine key core technology, high efficiency and energy saving control method developed LR and YTN agricultural diesel engine series products, in the power, torque, the minimum fuel consumption is better than that of the international similar products,The overall technology of the project has reached the international advanced level and agreed to pass the appraisal.According to introducing, led by China yituo bear the national key research project of “new energy conservation and environmental protection of agricultural diesel engine key parts and components development”, “middle power diesel engine energy conservation and environmental protection of agricultural integrated development with the machine match”, in view of the agricultural machinery used high torque at low speed, high load operation, long continuous operation, direct bearing the characteristics of the cylinder body,With high power, high torque and high reliability technology as the research object, the key technology of design and system optimization of new high-strength agricultural diesel engine has been broken through.Developed affordable 20 mpa Gao Qianghua cylinder block and cylinder head, double tangential inlet and double swirl combustion system, exhaust gas recirculation system and cooling system with parallel vector cross cooling cycle characteristics and lubricating system of parallel type, such as pressure lubrication characteristics of key components and systems, through internal purification measures, minimizing emissions of diesel engine ontology,The key systems or components such as post-treatment system and integrated control ECU which are suitable for the complex operation conditions of agricultural machinery have been developed. The dongfanghong LR series and YTN series agricultural diesel engines have been developed, and their highest emission grade has reached the non-road Euro V standard.China Quality News