What secrets do farmers hide in the land that make shrimp 10 times more productive?

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With its potential and available advantages, Bo Liao has established many high-tech shrimp culture models and has become the leading place in the field of shrimp culture in Vietnam.As the coastal area of The Mekong River Delta region, Bo Liao is the most advantageous area for the development of shrimp culture in the province, with a culture area of more than 135,000 hectares (accounting for more than 50% of the total shrimp culture area in the province).In the past, while prawn farming has faced many difficulties, the agricultural sector has actively implemented many solutions that have essentially protected areas of aquaculture production in general and prawn farming in particular.At present, Bo Liao is promoting the development of a number of ultra-intensive shrimp farming models using high technology.If the high-tech shrimp farming mode is applied in 2015, the province covers an area of more than 70 hectares.By 2020, the area will increase to more than 2,250 hectares.By 2021, there will be 23 participating enterprises and 650 households in the province, with a breeding area of more than 3,730 hectares and a output of more than 72,960 tons.Le Tancan, vice chairman of the People’s Committee of Bo Liao Province, visited the high-tech super intensive shrimp farming model.The highlight of the high-tech shrimp farming model, according to companies and farmers, is the rapid efficiency achieved in shrimp productivity and quality.2. High-tech super intensive shrimp farming mode, the yield is 10 to 15 times higher than that of traditional shrimp farming.Mr. Long Van Nghia, director of Long Manh Company Limited, Yonghou Commune, Waping District, said that now our Company adopts the land-based round pond 3-stage ultra-intensive prawn farming model.The use of solid waste separation technology and water reuse in shrimp farming is considered to be one of the most outstanding high-tech shrimp farming models today.The company built 20 land-based round ponds, each measuring 500-800 square meters, made of round iron frames, topped with sun shading nets, and a wastewater treatment system based on bio-floc technology, bringing high efficiency.The raiser of thin liao passes high-tech super intensive change raise shrimp, harvested big benefit.According to Mr Le Tan Can, executive vice-chairman of the Bolliao People’s Committee, this high-tech shrimp farming model has proven to be effective and sustainable.Provincial agriculture and other departments focus on the mobilization of high-tech shrimp culture model and mobilization to promote farmers.Improve infrastructure to develop high-tech shrimp Industry Bolliao investment and construction, and completed the Bolliao high-tech agricultural application and shrimp development project phase I, with a total investment of 176 billion VND.At present, the project is preparing to invest in the second phase related to the implementation of the project “Building Bolliao into the center of Vietnam’s shrimp industry”.At present, the province has selected nine enterprises to invest in bo Liao high-tech agricultural application and shrimp development zone.In the province, 4 enterprises have obtained agricultural high-tech enterprise certificates issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and provincial People’s Committee, 1 enterprise has submitted the registration certificate (agricultural industry is reviewing the application), and 7 units have passed the international standard certification of aquaculture.High-tech shrimp farming helps farmers control the quality of their products.Mr. Le Tan can said that in the future a period, our province has determined the super intensive shrimp raising model, with high-tech as the highlight, in the province’s aquaculture breakthroughs.Among them, Bolliao focuses on implementing the project of “Building Bolliao into the national shrimp industry center” to promote the development of high-tech agriculture towards sustainable development and climate change adaptation.The province will effectively mobilize and utilize social resources, promote internal resources, utilize external resources, and focus on investing in improving infrastructure (irrigation systems, dikes, pumping stations, electricity, transportation…).To serve the development of high-tech agriculture.According to the 2022 plan, Bo Liao currently has 26,300 hectares of intensive and ultra-intensive shrimp farming mode.In 2022, The province plans to implement intensive and ultra-intensive shrimp farming models for 26,300 hectares.Among them, the output of super intensive shrimp farming mode is 76,400 tons.The province’s near-term goal is to export $1 billion worth of seafood.To achieve these goals, Bo Liao will encourage and create conditions for enterprises to connect their products with people’s consumption to enjoy the policies of the current regulations.Encourage and create conditions to provide 100% free testing support to farmers participating in high-tech shrimp farming individuals, cooperatives and associations.At the same time, adopt new, advanced and friendly technologies to treat the environment in the farming process, and encourage the application of technologies to recover the by-products in the farming production, so as to reduce the amount of waste discharged into the environment.