Taoist Priest: Put three needles on the bed

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The story happened in the Ming Dynasty wanli years, fengxiang mansion in the west there is a called Cloud feiyang rich businessman, this person is rich but not benevolent, wanton exploitation of the poor people, the local people despised.After a period of time, cloud fly in the sky realized his mistake, in order to be able to let his business better go on, cloud fly in the sky decided to give himself to shape a person to set.From that day on, cloud float in the sky big good deeds wide merit, soon won the praise of the local people, his business has therefore become prosperous, a good situation.One day, clouds are flying in the sun at home, the doorman to report an old man to see outside, cloud flying thought of their own people now set, immediately let the doorman will be the old man please come over.The old man came over, cloud flying let housekeeper to the old man end good tea, the old man drank tea, kneel in front of cloud flying ask him to help yourself, cloud flying immediately forward to the old man up, let him slowly say.The old man expresses, oneself is a groom of place, because son gambles money and carry a suit of debt, those people want money with him, actually take away his daughter Wang Snow-white, say to want to sell her repay debt.Cloud float in the sky smell speech frown a wrinkle, he himself also once bet money, know that gambling money owed debt is not a small number, in order to maintain their own people set, this time he can be bleeding.The old man see cloud float in the sky like this, know he is distressed money, so, he said to cloud float in the sky, his daughter is quite a bit beautiful, cloud float in the sky if willing to rescue, he married his daughter to cloud float in the sky, cloud float in the sky this to save Wang White.After wang White was saved, the old man in accordance with the promise before wang White to cloud flying in front of cloud flying on Wang White love, immediately began to prepare for the wedding.The first year after marriage, the cloud flies in the sky and the day of Wang Snow-white has been quite beautiful, they raise their eyebrows and treat each other with respect, never because of what matter red face, more not because of what matter and buy gas, both sides are satisfied with this state.However, from the beginning of the second year, cloud float in the sky found something wrong with Wang White, not only did not just married the kind of sweet, but also to him, even in the house there are whispers.One day, the clouds fly in advance from the outside back, just to the house heard the cry of Wang White, with rich experience, he knew that this is Wang White affair.He angrily walked in the past, will put forward wang White, and wang White hooking up with the housekeeper beat out, he wanted to wang White off, and reluctant to give up her beauty, can only warn a stop.Cloud float in the sky originally thought, he warned after Wang White Wang White will have convergence, did not expect Wang White should be more and more excessive, and all the men in the house came again.Cloud flying in anger, will Wang White shut in the room, and then change a group of new people, and sent good care of Wang White, he is out drinking every day.One day, cloud flying is drinking, there is a Taoist priest came to his side, asked him recently can have what trouble, cloud flying will wang White things truthfully tell, Taoist eyebrows a wrinkle cloud flying said: “put three needles on the bed!”Cloud float in the sky holding skeptical attitude back home, put three needles on the bed of Wang White, that night, the sky thunder, a lightning split wang White body, instant will she hit back to the original form, the original is a snake.Cloud float in the sky to see after be frightened to be frightened and change color, immediately run outside, but by the snake dead entangled to break away not, at this time, a Taoist priest from the sky, a palm will snake stun.Cloud float in the sky immediately came forward to thank the Taoist priest for saving grace, Taoist said, cloud float in the sky should thank is his own, if the cloud float in the sky did not do good deeds, he will not tube cloud float in the sky, and this snake, it is cloud float in the sky made sin.Clouds float in the sky Taoist advice please brillant, Taoist. Why the clouds float in the sky for a gem, actually killed will protect the gem of the serpent, and the serpent, was that the serpent’s daughter, she after uniting the humanoid, control a man, let him help you marry clouds float in the sky, want to commit to a broken this way clouds float in the sky of reputation,And in his disgrace after killing him revenge for his mother, did not expect to be used by the Taoist priest with three silver needle day thunder, she hit back to the original form.Cloud flying suddenly realized, he asked the Taoist priest to help dispose of the snake, Taoist said, the snake will follow his practice, and cloud flying if not to continue to do good words, will eventually be punished by other, cloud flying nodded yes.Later, cloud float in the sky completely changed a person, he get rid of the bad habit before, began to do some good things for the people sincerely, then really did not encounter what strange thing, but also did not live too long, 45 years old that year left the world.