Strict physical examination of conscription to ensure the delivery of high-quality troops

2022-06-06 0 By

Recently, my county conscription physical examination work in the county people’s hospital smoothly carried out.Yu Songde, a member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and the minister of human and Armed Forces, visited the recruitment physical examination station for inspection and guidance. Under the leadership of armed forces cadres from all townships (towns), 64 young applicants from the county were organized to enter the physical examination area for project inspection in strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.In the county people’s hospital of a medical area, 64 a young orderly queue and wearing masks, the temperature measurement, information registration, to carry out the internal medicine, surgery, ent, ophthalmology, dental examination, medical personnel according to medical procedures, methods and standards, strict selection, accurate registration, to ensure medical quality and high quality troops.Yu Songde and his delegation went into the physical examination department, visited the front-line physical examination medical staff, understood the procedures and standards of physical examination, inquired about the progress of physical examination work, and told the staff to do a good job of all physical examination work carefully, to ensure the supply of high-quality excellent troops for the army.Our county attaches great importance to the conscription work, to grasp the real conscription work, mobilize the county’s outstanding youth with pen from the military, serve the country, strict conscription body pass, physical examination pass, political review pass, to ensure the transport of high-quality troops for the country.Among the 64 applicants, 10 are junior college or undergraduate graduates, 27 are junior college or undergraduate students, 23 are technical secondary school or senior high school graduates, and 4 are junior high school graduates.Reporter: Fan Shijiang editor: Zhang Hongmei Editor: Hu Xiao Final: Li Xinghong/Sang Jin