Lighting up the “hidden corners” of the campus

2022-06-06 0 By

“Bullying is nothing trivial. Behind any school violence, the bright future of two or more children is involved.”On February 24, the first day of the new semester, li Fengbo, procurator of the non-prosecution Office of Suixi County People’s Procuratorate, and Zhou Yu, police officer of the Public Security Management Committee of Suixi County Public Security Bureau, walked into the Second Suixi Experimental School and gave a special class to more than 50 students and their parents.Li Fengbo prosecutor with real typical cases, to students and their parents to explain the “Juvenile Protection Law”, “Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency Law” and “The People’s Republic of China family Education Promotion Law” and other relevant laws and regulations related to the relevant content.In a simple and easy to understand way for students to explain the causes of campus violence, and how to understand campus violence from the legal level, if the campus violence ignored will produce serious consequences, and these consequences will have a devastating blow to the future of minors.”Education in the home is very important. Parents need to learn to listen to their children and get into their inner world.The school should tell students where the bottom line and red line of the law are and plant the seeds of the rule of law.It is a long-term process to improve the quality of people and enhance the awareness of the rule of law, and we will help the judiciary and all sectors to work together with better procuratorial performance to create a better environment for the safe and happy growth of minors.”The construction of a safe and legal campus, care for every worthy of looking forward to the future, check and teach peers, for you to illuminate every inch of the campus “hidden corner”.