Just official announcement, Spring Festival free!

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Today (27), the Ministry of Transport said, according to the State Council on energy transport departments such as big holiday notice from the scheme of small passenger car tolls, 2022 Spring Festival holiday, the toll road continues to seven (7) below small passenger cars and allowed in ordinary toll road driving motorcycle from toll.The specific free time period starts at midnight on the first day of the holiday (January 31) and ends at 24:00 on the last day of the holiday (February 6).General highways are still subject to the time when the vehicle passes through the toll lane, while expressways are still subject to the time when the vehicle leaves the exit toll lane.Domestic oil prices likely to continue to rise at 24 on January 29, domestic oil prices will continue to rise, Spring Festival travel, car owners cost increased a lot.According to the data of Zhuochuang Information, today is the 8th working day of the new round of oil price adjustment, and the change rate of crude oil is 6.75%. It is expected to increase oil price by 300 yuan/ton, which is equivalent to the increase of oil price by 0.23 yuan/liter -0.27 yuan/liter. Compared with yesterday’s expected increase of 15 yuan/ton, it is far beyond the red line of the increase, and the oil price is surging.According to the car fill 92 oil 50 liters to calculate, car owner a box of oil costs will increase 10 yuan or so.Recently, international oil prices continued to show a rising trend, overnight market, US oil, cloth oil both hit new highs since October 2014.WTI Crude for March delivery settled up $1.75, or 2.04 percent, at $87.35 a barrel.Brent crude for March delivery ended up $1.76, or 1.99 percent, at $89.96 a barrel.Since the middle of December last year, the domestic refined oil price has been “double rise”, Shanghai 92 gasoline from 6.99 yuan/liter, rose to 7.38 yuan/liter, this week the increase falls, 92 gasoline will be more likely to be higher than 7.5 yuan, close to 8 yuan has been getting closer and closer.As the price of 95 is already 7.85 yuan per liter, once the price increase hits, 95 gasoline is likely to rise above 8 yuan this cycle.Due to changes in the epidemic situation at home and abroad, the majority of public trips during this year’s Spring Festival travel rush will be short and medium trips, with an estimated average daily traffic of about 28 million vehicles, basically the same as last year.From the flow changes, was “stable before the festival, festival rebound, after the festival picked up” characteristics, is expected to be the New Year’s Eve flow lowest point, the first six, the 16th of the first month before and after two peak flow.In terms of weather conditions, the weather is generally good throughout the country during the Spring Festival this year. The temperature in most areas is basically close to the normal level, and there may be a certain range of low temperature rain and snow.It is recommended that drivers do “three things” before travelling: First, look at the epidemic.Pay close attention to the changes in the epidemic prevention and control policies at the origin and destination, know the requirements for epidemic prevention and testing in advance, take strict measures to protect yourself, bring the “two codes and two certificates” (health code, travel code, ID card, nucleic acid test certificate), choose a reasonable travel route, and actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control inspection to ensure a pleasant trip.The second is to see the weather.Timely understand the weather conditions in the surrounding area, carefully check the technical conditions of vehicles, do a good job of anti-skid measures, try to avoid easy freezing, icing road, to ensure safe travel.Third, look at the road conditions.Know the real-time traffic conditions, peak hours, easy traffic jams and slow stops in advance, and choose the proper route, mode and time to ensure smooth travel.Source: CCTV News duty editor: Luo Yanling