From 31 January to 6 February, 13,559 doses of novel coronavirus vaccine were administered in Jinan

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On February 7, the Health Commission of Jinan released the epidemic prevention and control work during the Spring Festival in Jinan.During the Spring Festival holiday, there were 151 first-level nucleic acid testing teams with 650 personnel, 32 specialized teams with 459 personnel, and 1,236 grass-roots teams with 4,985 personnel on 24-hour duty.A total of 77 transport vehicles (including negative pressure vehicles) for COVID-19-related personnel will be arranged, with 231 on-duty personnel, with an average of 11 vehicles and 33 passengers per day.The designated hospital is equipped with 33 staff participating in the isolation closed-loop, 8 echelon medical staff rotating according to the requirements of the ratio of medical staff to nurses: 1:2.5, and the ratio of bed to nurse: 1:1. The equipment and drugs related to treatment are configured and reserved in accordance with the standard.From January 31 to February 6, the city arranged a total of 93,838 medical staff on duty, including 13,726 staff with titles above deputy senior high;Administrative and logistic personnel on duty 11824 person-times.During the Spring Festival holiday, a total of 13,559 doses of novel coronavirus vaccine were administered. There were 44 fever clinics and 143 fever sentinel clinics in Jinan.During the Spring Festival holiday, the fever clinic will be open normally. All patients in the fever clinic will be kept under closed-loop management, and the test results will be reported back within 4-6 hours. They are not allowed to leave until the results are reported back.If a patient with fever is found in a medical institution without fever clinic, the patient shall be immediately referred to the nearest medical institution with fever clinic.Efforts will be made to guide the elderly, students, returnees and other groups to complete the whole process of vaccination and immunization during the holidays.From January 31 to February 1, 28 vaccination units opened daily clinics. From February 2 to February 6, more than 30% of vaccination units opened clinics, with about 100 clinics a day. The detailed information of vaccination units had been released to the public before the Spring Festival.The municipal and district centers for Disease control and Prevention have opened 24-hour vaccination service phones during the Spring Festival.A total of 13,559 doses of novel coronavirus vaccine were administered from 31 January to 24:00 February 6.At the same time, it issued the Notice on the Matters needing attention of “All Inspections should be done” for key Groups during the Spring Festival to make arrangements for “all inspections should be done” during the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, adhere to the daily analysis, daily scheduling system, system administrators at all levels and departments on duty, implement all kinds of key groups, especially the detection of new classified personnel.In the fourth cycle of January, the detection rate of key population in Jinan was 100.00%.53 secondary and above medical institutions to carry out outpatient service without holidays, receiving outpatient patients 192,684 people at all levels of medical institutions of all kinds in Jinan to do a good job during the Spring Festival medical security services, with strong emergency department, ICU, pediatrics, obstetrics, respiratory, cardiology, gastroenterology, infectious diseases and other key departments on duty force,We will strictly implement the core system of medical quality and safety, and provide emergency medical care and routine medical services.From January 31 to February 6, 53 secondary and above medical institutions conducted outpatient clinics without holidays, receiving 192,684 outpatients, 29,077 emergency patients, 7,326 discharged patients, 1,427 operations, 6,675 fever clinics, and 450 traffic accident victims.210 cases of food poisoning (including alcohol poisoning) were treated.In addition, Ji ‘nan city also into the economy to return to the economy of the personnel for testing.The health management policies for key COVID-19 personnel and those returning to China from outside the province have been sorted out, and the epidemic situation and adjustment in medium-high risk areas have been released on a daily basis, which has been immediately communicated to the grassroots.113 24-hour sampling sites and 27 24-hour nucleic acid testing institutions have been publicized to the public.Group, in conjunction with the defense from spreading, during the Spring Festival in hebei hengshui city and dongguan city, guangdong province, shenzhen, huizhou, yunfu, baise, heihe and key areas in economic return early outbreak were MoPai follow-up, cogent accomplish for six kind of high-risk personnel screening, detection and health monitoring and quarantine measures in place of the “three”, the number, the man’s head, the location, the control situation “four” was found.The two asymptomatic coronavirus cases imported from abroad were safely handled.