Winter and spring children asthma high incidence of this “prevention and treatment guide” please check

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Pediatric bronchial asthma is the most common chronic airway disease in children.Winter and spring season, cold air, haze, viral infection, children with asthma are often affected, how do parents identify early childhood asthma?When children asthma is acute break out, how should handle?Please check this “prevention and treatment guide” for children’s asthma.”Doctor, the child is only 4 years old, how can be asthma, you are not re-diagnosis.”Many parents wonder why their children are so young. How can they become asthmatic?”My child had an allergic cough that was not properly treated and developed into asthma.”Ms. Ma, a citizen, said, “I had a cold in September last year and my child started to cough. After getting rid of the cold, I always felt that the cough did not go to the root. I often cough for a while before going to bed and in the morning.Since the beginning of January this year, it has been a cold accompanied by cough, accompanied by asthma when serious.The baby has been going back and forth to the hospital all this time.”Feng Ke, deputy chief physician of the emergency department of Ningxia Medical University General Hospital, said many parents do not know how to detect the early signs of asthma, which can easily delay the disease.”If repeated cough for more than a month, mainly morning and night cough, often irritant dry cough, less sputum, parents need to pay attention to.In addition, children in sports, laughing, inhaling cold air, eating cold food, smell irritating odor, irritant dry cough aggravation, and accompanied by repeated chest distress and other symptoms, should be timely medical treatment.”Feng Ke stressed that when stimulated by allergens, cold air or other incentives, often the first symptoms of upper respiratory tract allergy, such as nasal itching, nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, itching eyes, infants can be shown as rubbing eyes, rubbing nose, and so on, and then pharyngeal itching, dry cough.”These symptoms usually last for hours or days before an asthma attack.”These incentives need to be careful of asthma in children and adult asthma inducing factors are the same, the main inducing factors of childhood asthma is a respiratory virus infection, and respiratory syncytial virus and rhinovirus as its main source of infection, these two types of virus season is winter and spring, this also explains why children asthma often in spring.”Asthma also occurs in winter and spring, and triggers include allergens as well as respiratory viruses.For example, asthma is more likely to be induced by pollen allergy in spring, while grass meal is more likely to induce asthma in autumn. Low air pressure, high humidity and mold allergy are the main factors in summer.”Feng ke said 80 percent of asthma cases are related to allergies.The most common is dust mite allergy, invisible to the naked eye, hidden in cotton wool, pillows inside the special much.Other allergens include mold, animal fur, pollen, cockroaches, and more.”In the north, during the cold winter months, respiratory virus infections are more common and virus-induced asthma is more common.””Childhood asthma is the most common respiratory disease that seriously affects children’s physical and mental health.Some parents might think that once a baby has asthma, it’s forever.But in fact, most children’s asthma can be controlled with a good prognosis after standardized and systematic treatment.Therefore, it is important to go to the hospital for proper treatment.Feng Ke said.Follow doctor’s advice, adhere to medication in the treatment of children asthma, what aspects need to pay attention to?Feng ke said the most important thing is to listen to the doctor and stick to the medication.In the long-term treatment of childhood asthma, two drugs are commonly used – control drugs and remission drugs.Control drugs are children need to insist on daily use, mainly inhaled glucocorticoids.”This is the drug of choice for long-term control of asthma, and long-term regulated inhalation of low and medium doses of glucocorticoids does not affect bone mineral density in children.On the contrary, if the medication is not adhered to, repeated asthma attacks not only have adverse effects on children’s growth and development, but also irreversible damage to the lungs in severe cases.”But many parents are so worried that they give their children drugs at will, Feng said.”Parents must pay attention to the doctor’s advice and stick to their medication.”Another drug for childhood asthma is a relief drug for acute attacks of asthma that works within minutes and provides effective, rapid relief.”Parents should take relief medicines with them, and use emergency medicines if there are signs of asthma attack, such as cough, shortness of breath and chest tightness.Daily care to be careful and there are some children with asthma in daily care matters needing attention, parents should also be aware of.▲ Risk factors should be kept away from children according to the specific situation, reduce exposure to allergens, tobacco smoke, pollutants, drugs, etc.;Maintain good ventilation in your home;Go outside and mask your child.Children are encouraged to measure peak expiratory flow at regular intervals every day, monitor changes in their condition and keep an asthma diary.▲ Dietary care to do a good job to eat light, easy to digest, enough calories of food, avoid irritating food.If the baby has a clear history of food allergy, in addition to parents know, but also need to tell school teachers and relatives and friends allergic food, to avoid eating.▲ The appropriate exercise will not encourage children to participate in jogging, swimming and other sports, not only can relieve the mood, but also promote bone growth, improve the child’s cardiopulmonary function, alleviate and improve asthma symptoms.But it should be noted that in the acute attack of asthma or to rest, reduce the corresponding physical activity.(reporter Wang Min) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: