Will xiao Sis’s first mobility scooter be a Mocha, a Tank 300 or a Tiger 5X?

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Will xiao Sis’s first mobility scooter be a Mocha, a Tank 300 or a Tiger 5X?Hey, guys. I’m so happy.I have been waiting for my seat for a long time. First of all, I would like to thank you for your advice, and wish jiang Dong father in front of the screen everything goes well and makes a surprise. Ok, let’s talk about SUV next:Believe you little sister all know, the SUV to optimize the middle raised an eyesore, not only has the advantages of the burden of small, cheap and fine engine, and used for the whole family dinner is a relic of close, this also is “the SUV” is one of the main advantages of difficult to compete with them, and therefore are adored by many small and pure and fresh, and monthly sales performance are good.Here are three of the best suVs to buy and the best looking suVs to buy. These are a summary of my personal experiences with cars.You don’t “go treasure” yo!No1: Mocha sales: It is a popular model from Great Wall Motor. Since its launch, its market influence has always been very strong, and mocha land price is relatively low, which has also been recognized and praised by many young brothers.According to the verification, The recent market performance of Mocha has made great progress, quietly jumped to 4732 sets, and jumped to the 63rd place in a surprise. It is simply one of the most glorious and bright stars in the market, and the sales volume of other models at the same level than the mainstream is sharp.To be honest, Mocha’s ranking is not particularly high, but mocha’s market influence has always been the leading level of the market.This is because mocha’s targeted popularity is visible to all of you.And no matter the appearance level or comfort is absolutely beat the common mainstream SUV models.Xiaobian that mocha’s product competitiveness is favored by the column, I believe that its next turnover results must be targeted.Mocha appearance modeling is very good, the car paint is more wear-resistant, at the same time, the glittering waist line embellish among them, I believe that it will not be out for three or five years.In addition, the modelling of the head of mocha very sexy, at the same time, the style of whole lumbar line of mocha is very handsome, very smooth sunken line before concave after become warped, like a sewing needle, make the feel more clearly the impact of mocha, Chou up very tall, and combined with a unique pair of intelligent light yi yi is unripe brightness, waist line and internal decoration are quite on,It’s a striking contrast to the old mocha.Figure part: mocha’s front and back positions are quite spacious, while making most friends feel very satisfied, its whole practical area is undoubtedly very in place, pulling some daily luggage is enough to use.The mocha comes in 4875mm, 1960mm and 1690mm, which is so nice that three people in the back seat won’t feel too crowded.This shows that mocha is enough for attendance.That’s great.And the trunk is very nice size, can fit a lot of things.The practical aspects are great, that’s good.In addition to the level of beautiful appearance, low-key luxury interior style, mocha dynamic performance in the competing goods vehicles is definitely stand out in a crowd, it is to join the 214 p, low noise power assembly, the transmission, the use of the extraordinary 9 wet dual-clutch system, many drivers think mocha dynamic performance is very good.For many supporters of the 9 wet dual clutch can be a great thing.In addition, aluminum alloy is a feature of mocha, can play to reduce the footprint of the best effect.About displacement version, mocha is a displacement is set to be great, for turbocharged special favour, media information, according to the actual displacement of mocha option only 2.0 T, cool, say with you: as we know that, as the Great Wall camp in Athens of mocha in the field of the SUV of 220000 class is absolutely confident.The appearance level of Mocha matches the aesthetic requirements of business people very well. The whole body is full of a very rich luxurious atmosphere, which makes me have an interesting feeling of wanting to try.At the same time, the mocha interior can be said to be particularly reliable, especially satisfied in the inside, while the mocha control performance is also very good, which is absolutely mocha’s strongest competitiveness.Car owner’s comment 2: Mocha’s fuel consumption is very small, which is mainly due to the adoption of exquisite fuel control technology, so that mocha can better meet the psychological expectations of most successful people.In fact, my mocha is transport relatively open in the city a little bit more usually, sometimes, even if business travel from time to time to run a provincial highway, in addition it is worth pressing thumb up everyone, so large a car, fuel consumption is low, its oil consumption value is about 8.6 per hundred kilometers, so it seems, its oil consumption should be in a normal level,In the field of competing SUV is definitely more fuel-efficient.So many friends are very satisfied, and the friends around can’t help saying that mocha is worth bragging about.But maybe the gas mileage of the mocha should be a little bit higher with the air conditioning on.For me this energetic college students, just squeeze some social fees, about enough for ten or eight days of oil.Fuel consumption is “sprinkling”.Of course, the better the fuel economy, the better it’s worth buying.Although the running-in time is not very long, BUT I always believe that after the late slowly running-in, the fuel consumption of mocha may be better.Professionals have said: I believe that many car friends have such a feeling: the chassis part is slightly hard, even if the mocha can give you a good driving confidence, but when the road is poor, you can feel the car in vibration.If you are a bigger old man, sitting in the inside is likely to be aware of pp more uncomfortable.In addition, I often noticed continuous squeaking in the process of moving, especially when I reached the uneven and steep road surface, which was more embarrassing. In addition, WHEN SHIFTING gears, I vaguely felt the position of the accelerator pedal and often shook it to find the 4S shop, but I couldn’t tell exactly what the problem was.Some of my sisters also reflected some disadvantages: 1. When I just bought it, I felt the plastic odor inside was quite serious.Model 2: Tank 300 Appearance Comments: The whole shape of this tank 300 is ok, I am very satisfied.Tanks on the face of a very tall before 300, give us a very noble feeling, like the tiger head, the first modest, looks very handsome, tanks and 300 of the handle position to add a lot of big size, gleaming chrome plated adornment before the face of big chy-tech points, like “eyes” of the tiger alive,And the tank 300 side of the noble breath is very strong, the car side of the waist line is very round, such as the point dragon pen generally shining, especially sports.Also, the sides of the tank 300 body have been polished to make it quite wearable.It’s my own favorite kind.The tail inherits the Great Wall family style design elements, while the taillight position adopts luxury and three-dimensional details, so many friends feel that the tank 300’s head turn rate is relatively high on the road.My female colleagues and my former father-in-law all agreed that the tank 300 was indeed the brightest.Car critic Lu Dajie commented on the Tank 300: “I often go to the offline 4S shop to test drive, at present, I feel the new tank 300 noise reduction effect is particularly good, it is quiet to drive, even if the quality is so heavy, and such a long, but the performance is very good.The third model Ruihu 5X 59,900 ~ 110,900 appearance overview:Good-looking appearance than the previous generation many, super compact, former face location and the wheels were treated with blackened, meanwhile, tiggo or dingle 5 x the top face of the modelling of the LED headlight is especially mentally, tiggo or dingle chassis of 5 x is lower, optimization is very outstanding, belongs to the flat style, waist line supplement flowing body, fine and fruity, savor,Headlights and rear taillights are also very dreamy, while giving the Tiger 5X’s appearance level improved a lot.Concave and convex, generally speaking, The Tiger 5X is more tangible, tail gives me a very simple feeling.Anyway, The Tiger 5X is very impressive to me!I am particularly pleased with the whole interior design of Ruihu 5X. Sufficient materials are used, the assembly process is quite excellent, the control is fast, and the rotation button and the air conditioning button are not loose. This is my general evaluation of Ruihu 5X.In addition, the steering wheel of The Sport Tiger 5X is very light, comfortable, precise adjustment, and the overall driving experience is quite comfortable.It is worth noting that the front and back seat backs of The Tiger 5X are designed very carefully, and the internal fitting degree is also very good. It is wrapped with pure natural fabrics, so even if you sit on the car for a few hours, you will not feel very painful PP.To be honest, suVs have to be comfortable to be worth buying, and it’s worth noting that the Tiger 5X hasn’t detected the slightest odor problem so far.And the noise inside the car is almost imperceptible.So the author is quite happy.Power overview The Power for the Tiger 5X is definitely coming.Smooth as silk stockings milk tea, zero delay in acceleration, the moment you step on the accelerator, you can immediately overtake.And when stepping on the accelerator can also feel very strong push back feeling, noise reduction is also very good, usually do not carefully observe, the “boom” sound of the equipment is almost unheard of, comfort and other details are also very high.It is worth mentioning that, because its power is relatively strong, and I mainly ride, so there is no need to do too much optimization of the power of The Tiger 5X.Car friends comment 1: I think it’s quite down-to-earth to go out with this car.The locomotive style of Tiger 5X is still very beautiful as a whole, the headlamp model is sharp, brightness is no problem at all.At the same time, The “style” of the net in front of the Tiger 5X is quite outstanding, there are delicate chromium-plated fabrics, and the bottom of the bright decorative strip, looking particularly fashionable and eye-catching, in addition, the tiger 5X hub is a C-shaped structure, the size is also very coordinated, regardless of size or detail processing and other details are also very good.Make the body look more magnificent.At the same time, it has simple lines. The surface of the decorative board is inlaid with the unique logo of Chery Automobile family, which is even better than cars with similar prices.The car runs very quietly, no noise!I have been running for half a month, and I feel very good at present.In a word, the price performance of Tiger 5X is after all “thief” grounding gas, the top with “unexpectedly” less than 11W big yuan has a deal, since bought Tiger 5X after the author often go out.Car Friends comment 2:I’m in electronics industry, so it is especially good face, common SUV I’m does, but since she bought the car, the next time with his wife and children to go out, do business or go out to have “face”, feel special feeling touch the steering wheel came up, the sense of science and technology at the same time also very high-end, children always asked me outside tiggo or dingle 5 x is what?I told you the Tiger 5X was your dad’s ride.Another is the feeling of operation. Sometimes I feel very tired when talking about business, and I want to have a good rest when driving. This car can completely meet my driving needs and original intention.Juyou review 3: satisfied, I’m tiggo or dingle 5 x is satisfied, of course, not only the brand, and open at ordinary times also is very comfortable, I was particularly fond of the car, is now fighting finally bought a private tiggo or dingle 5 x, ride comfort, is particularly great, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, fuel consumption is not high also, is meets the requirements of my commute.Car friends comments 4: The Power of The Tiger 5X is full, the Tiger 5X opens like an electric car, the control is very good, the tiger 5X’s main competitiveness lies in the control, especially in the high-speed corner can obviously feel the advantages of driving after.In conclusion, all the suVs shared today are SUVs, among which the manufacturer’s guide price is relatively low for The Model Is Tiger 5X, and then for the Mocha, and the tank 300 is relatively high. It is worth our special attention that the standard price of SUV models is different from the final transaction price.For example, the lowest national 4S prices of Mocha, Tank300 and Tiger 5X are as low as 175,800, 195,800 and 68,900.This shows that their price difference is relatively large, I wonder if you look at mocha or tank 300?Finally, I sincerely wish the respected folks a bright future and bright future.If you like this article, give it a thumbs up.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Car Xiao Wang