The so-called Valentine’s Day is a valentine robbery

2022-06-05 0 By

What valentine’s day, yesterday is valentine’s day, just for me on Monday, even can be said to be the lover, the thing is, originally think of big and small is a holiday, summon up courage to offer her a message, and see if I can have a room for ease, ha ha results, however, a word I say what, is I’m going, finally, wanted to think,Disappear disappear, after all the micro letter a year also only yesterday can send 520 red envelope, gave her hair a red envelope, then actually say I am probing her can receive money, true special code of speechless.I think, I should give myself some courage, completely put her down, put down the feelings that do not return, because I know that no matter what I try so hard, I will never get the results I want, when speaking of words, is to blame me, said I only a few days on the forced marriage, often say:Not to marry for the purpose of love is play rascals, is it wrong to get married, I do not understand, I do not want to think, are not necessary, hide me to hide the god of plague, you continue to hide.In fact, I once sink into it, do not understand clearly so deep love me why suddenly become so high and cold, why this moment of tenderness, the next moment to say goodbye goodbye, I always do not understand, I am too lazy to think, I am too tired, I want to have a good rest.Finally, I wish everyone a happy Lantern Festival.