The establishment of “can’t do” acceptance window forces the service efficiency to improve again

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To “distress sorrow to trouble sorrow to” targeted “power to set up the” do not forget to accept the window. Reversed transmission service efficiency to improve report from our correspondent (reporter chun-hong zhang, the correspondent wei-feng zhang) to solve the difficult to make the enterprises and the masses, the long run, the city bureau of administrative examination and approval at the municipal administrative service hall set up the “do not forget to accept the window”, arrange staff on duty,At any time record the masses or enterprises reflect matters, accept the situation and other content.In the city government service hall, one can see the hall’s newly established “can’t do things” acceptance window.In the handling of government services, enterprises and the masses can go to this window to reflect the problems that cannot be solved for a variety of reasons.Since the window was set up, it has received more than 80 people’s consultation and policy answers, coordinated and solved 8 items of examination and approval and 40 items of service, effectively improving the quality and efficiency of service for the people.”‘ Can’t get things done ‘acceptance window is a supplement to the conventional window service, in this window, after receiving feedback, the staff on duty directly coordinate with the business person in charge to the window to answer questions about the policy.For those that cannot be solved on the spot or need follow-up disposal, we will immediately cooperate with relevant departments to study solutions and do everything possible.For those policies that cannot be dealt with due to policy reasons, we will explain the policies to the people in charge and make them understand and satisfied as much as possible.”Jiang Huiping, head of the operation supervision department, said, “We hope that through this window, the public and enterprises can handle all matters without going out of the hall, and solve conflicts at the front line and problems at the scene.”In recent years, the development of the agency tree firmly centered on people’s thoughts, we launched the “stronger than for” special operation, difficult in the process of watching people handle affairs, to establish a “do not forget to accept the window”, out to accept and solve the work repeatedly run enterprises, the masses do still not done things, promote e-government service transition from “done” to do “optimum”,We will deepen the reform of government review and approval and improve the quality and efficiency of government services. We will break down barriers and barriers between government departments, improve administrative procedures, and open up a bridge of interaction between officials and the masses.”Next, we will further strengthen the construction of” do not forget to accept the window, promote e-government service standardization, standardization, facilitation, for business people to provide a broader policy advice and related application for examination and approval of technical guidance, to provide more high quality, highly effective, for the convenience of e-government services, improve business people and the feeling of satisfaction,Call ‘investment dingzhou, everything is safe’ environmental brand.””At the same time, we will give full consideration to the needs of special groups such as the elderly, the weak, the sick and the disabled, provide meticulous and considerate services, and speed up efforts to direct public opinion and solve problems quickly, so as to achieve ‘zero legwork’ and ‘comprehensive’ problem collection,” ma Yueliang, deputy director of the bureau, said.Responsible editor: Declaration: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: