Provincial Jiuquan Highway Development Center real-time road information

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As of 08:20 on February 4, 2022, the weather of jiuquan Highway Development Center is sunny or cloudy.Except for sections affected by quarantine, emergencies and construction, traffic on other roads was normal.Road sections affected by the epidemic and emergencies:1. From 15:50 on January 25, 2021, due to the epidemic, public security checkpoints and epidemic prevention inspectors will occupy the lane and overtaking lane to disinfect passing vehicles at the G30 Expressway from Guazhou to Xingxingxia (K2818+650-K2816+650) (Xingxingxia Service Area).The body temperature of drivers and passengers was measured one by one to check the nucleic acid test report, and the traffic was slow.The emergency lane is open.Normal traffic is expected to resume at 1800 hours on June 30, 2022.2. At 18:31 on October 22, 2021, our Center reported to the Aksay Highway section and the Office of COVID-19 Control Leading Group of Aksay Kazak Autonomous County informed that section K620+200-K624+400 of G215 line (from the gas station crossing in Aksay County to the exit of Aksay County) was temporarily closed. The deroute plan is as follows: 1.For Qinghai direction, vehicles will enter G571 at K620+200, then drive to G571 at K56+638 (intersection with G215) and enter G215.2. Vehicles heading for Dunhuang will enter G571 at K624+400 of G215, drive to the intersection of G215 and G215, and enter G215.3. At 18:31 on October 22, 2021, our Center reported to akse Road section that the Office of The COVID-19 Joint Leading Group of Subei County informed that traffic control would be carried out at K7+800 of Line G571 (entrance and exit of Subei County), and the specific opening hours would be open to traffic according to the notice of the OFFICE of the COVID-19 Joint Leading Group (no detour plan).Road section under construction: 1. From April 15, 2021, the road section from Qidun to Guazhou of G312 line (K3083+750–K3150+024.315) will be upgraded.During the construction period, traffic control measures will be implemented, (detour scheme: 1. Along the national Road G312 line from east to west to guazhou direction of passing vehicles, from the Bridge bay toll station into G30 Lian-Huaxia expressway, from Guazhou toll station out.2. Pass vehicles along the national Road G312 from west to east to The direction of Jade Gate, from Guazhou Toll station into G30 Lian-Huo expressway, from Qiaowan Toll station out.4. Vehicles to and from Qiaodong Wind Farm, transport vehicles for local industrial and agricultural products in Guazhou, vehicles for fire emergency and medical emergency, etc., shall pass along the construction sideway of phase II according to the guidance direction.5. Local residents south of Bronji and Shuangta can use the original township roads to make detour in the direction of Qiaowan and Guazhou.Normal traffic is expected to resume at 18:00, April 30, 2022.2. From 8 o ‘clock on July 18, 2021, Suzhou District Construction and Investment Co., LTD will carry out the road construction for the extension of G213 Mohan Line K454+130-K458+230. During the construction period, the whole section of the road will be closed and occupied, and the passing vehicles will drive according to the detour plan.(bypass plan: 1, Jinta to Jiuquan to Zong Zhai direction large vehicles: access to the vehicle in G213 line and S214 line (Botanical Garden intersection) right into THE S214 line (Jiujin Road) to Jiuquan east Toll Gate, from lanzhou direction into, from north to south in G30 Lian Huozhan high-speed Zong Zhai road out, through the bypass section.2. Large vehicles from Zongzhai to Jiuquan to Jinta:G312 line at the total Village intersection on the high speed from Jiuquan direction into, from the east to the west, at the G30 Linhuo high speed and S65 Su Hang intersection into S65 Su Hang high speed, in Jiuquan east exit,At S214 (Jiujin Road), drive from east to west to the intersection of G213 and S214 (Botanical Garden intersection), turn right into G213 and pass the bypass section.3, Jinta to Jiuquan to Jiuquan expressway, Jiayuguan direction, Zongzhai direction large vehicles: access to the vehicle in the G213 line and beibinhe road intersection turn right way jiuyin Road, Z113 line, in the north Binhe road and G312 line (Feitian Road) intersection to Jiayuguan vehicle turn right, through the bypass section;To jiuquan expressway, vehicles in the Direction of Zongzhai at the intersection of Beibinhe Road and G312 line (Feitian Road) turn left into G312 line (Feitian Road) from north to south in feitian Road to the intersection of Feitian Road and Suzhou District, vehicles to The Direction of Zongzhai continue to go straight on Feitian Road, to the direction of Zongzhai;Vehicles leading to the expressway turn right at the intersection of Feitian Road and Suzhou District into Suzhou Road leading to the expressway and pass the bypass section.The expected recovery time is 18:00, June 30, 2022.