Kanye Kardashian reveals private text messages saying he’s Hillary’s ex-boyfriend and won’t let him see their kids

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According to the Sun on February 14, rapper Kanye West, 44, has become very active on social media after he leaked private text messages from Kim Kardashian’s current boyfriend, Pete Davidson, and vowed never to let Pitt see him and her four children.At the moment, Kanye is acting like both a maniac and a schoolboy.Kanye has been abusing Pete Davidson on social media and even writing a new song for days, most recently on Sunday.Kanye shared a private text message purportedly from Pitt, which read, ‘As a man, I will never get in the way of your kids as a promise.’How you raise your children is your business, not mine.But I really hope I can meet them one day and we can be friends.His text messages seemed polite and desperate, but Kanye didn’t buy it, vowing that he would never let Pitt see his kids with The Kardashians.Many people on the Internet thought he would never be able to do such a thing, and wondered if his account had been hacked or if his phone had been found, he took selfies to prove he was the one sending the messages.In the selfie, Kanye holds up a piece of yellow paper that acts as a legal document. It reads, ‘My account was not hacked,’ and is dated Feb. 13, 2022.Kanye also shared a photo of Kim Kardashian in a furry coat on an intimate date with Pitt, only for The actor to have his head cut off.Kanye said kardashian was wearing a coat she bought for her when she wasn’t filming Saturday Night Live, and that he wanted to defend his family and his family.”I wonder if Instagram is going to shut me down for insulting Hillary Clinton’s ex-boyfriend,” kanye told people to “look at this jerk.”Kanye here actually introduced a popular at that time the jokes, Peter met Hillary and happens after “together”, Peter had ever “strengthening” the joke, he will Hillary Clinton photos lines in the body, post wrote, want to give Hillary a special Christmas gift, so I my hero body tattoo, “you are one of the most powerful man in the universe.”‘I’m not talking nonsense,’ said Kanye, a pupil who took a stand on the joke posted a few years ago.While Kardashian and Pitt are sweetly in love, Kanye is crazy and obsessed.Maybe that’s what artists are.Photo source: theSun, BING Editor: Shan Shan