Jin Li: A community secretary suffering from cancer who still sticks to the front line of epidemic prevention

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Household investigation, material purchase, garbage cleaning, corridor elimination…Jin Li, 50, is very aggressive.As the secretary and director of the Party branch of Yuanhang Community in Yanji City, Jin forgot that she was a cancer patient and was often busy until midnight. “I am a party member and the ‘parent’ of the community,” she said.Critical moment, I should rush in front, only everyone is safe and healthy, I can rest assured!”In 2021, Jin developed thyroid cancer, underwent surgery, and is now recovering, with doctors advising her to rest.After the outbreak of the epidemic, despite the dissuasion of doctors and colleagues, Jin Li went into the front line of the battle against the epidemic, acting as both “commander” and “combatant”, organizing community team members to carry out publicity, set up cards, prepare materials, conduct household screening, comb grids and establish grid groups.In the early morning of March 15, the community received a notice that 5 units of group 1 of the Garden Incense Committee were adjusted to the containment and control area.The residents of Yuanxiang Committee are mostly migrants, with strong mobility and great difficulty in entering households.Jin Li urgently summoned all community workers to persuade the residents of the containment unit to go to the centralized isolation point, conduct door-to-door investigation and registration, and then contact professional personnel to destroy the corridor.It was not until 4am the next morning that Jin li saw that all the residents in the containment area had been transferred to the centralized isolation point that she felt relieved and went home to wash her face. At 5am, she went out to the nucleic acid testing site again.Seeing that Jin Li persisted in her work despite her illness, residents brought her hot miso soup and urged her to take a rest.”No matter how hard it is, it’s worth it to have the recognition of the residents,” jin said.I have to stay on the front line to make sure there are no problems for the residents in my area, and I am responsible for them.”Yanbian Morning Post Reporter Lin Yin Source: Yanbian Morning Post Editor: Li Ying Yanbian Morning Post All rights reserved.