How does a good headmaster come from? The headmaster is down to earth!The teachers all praised it

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Imagine the joy of a teacher seeing a good headmaster!He was full of praise for the school leaders!What does a good leader look like?No look, no personality, no management.What is a good teacher?Good temper, never angry!Not yelling at students and parents!Make him feel sorry for his students!What kind of business?The so-called check-in is just a formality!Why is that?I’m afraid because of the leadership’s review, so I don’t want to let the class teacher to report.This is reality too!Our school used to have many good teachers, but most of the teachers were terrible.However, good principals are not always valued by teachers.Our dean, who has always put education first, stays on campus every day and rarely goes out!Pay attention to and care for teachers, if teachers have too much classroom, tardy, night self-study, then there will be a: don’t sweat!Which university has good teachers?That’s why he would do anything to get our students in.He listens to a weak teacher all the time, but if he can’t change it, he moves it to a better position, which makes them unacceptable and infuriates them!School discipline is very strict, but don’t pay attention to attendance, only pay attention to the basic knowledge of teachers, over time, they feel that the principal, is really too stubborn.Why is that?When his successor arrived, he found that the deputy dean was a rascal!The dean liked to drink too much and talk nonsense, and those who did not obey him went with him!Also, his tongue is so short that it’s impossible to understand what he’s saying, and he says it all in meetings, almost when he’s drinking!He started hanging around the school, swearing and eventually growing his hair!In the beginning, he called all the teachers “brother”, while the girls called him “eldest brother”. In the past half year, all the teachers thought that the headmaster was going to destroy the university!He just wanted to get away and see the old dean!This principal is a blessing to all teachers and students, and also to the people in our district!Our dean has a meeting every week because our tutor is complaining!This is a big thing, one thing after another!Our dean is very busy!Netizen 2: Responsible dean!Overcome all formal rigidities and create an atmosphere in which teachers can work with confidence.It’s too difficult!Such a person, it is very rare!Your dean, he puts people first.Unite as one, teachers are moral people, concerted efforts, naturally there will be good results!Netizen 3: Bai Jiming, the principal of Beijing!Why are good teachers attracted to good teachers?First, the nature of teachers is the intellectual class.What the intelligentsia want to pursue is freedom, democracy and truth!The last thing I like is coercion!Hate is a coarse mouth, a rogue look!Therefore, a gentle principal can gain the favor and affection of teachers.The teacher of poor student, cheat not once!A bad dean could give you away!Second, teachers’ physical fitness is poor.The softer side is more, therefore, the teacher is afraid of “roar”.As long as he “roared”, the teacher shuddered.Not to mention the foul-mouthed, alcohol-soaked, badass principal!The teachers dispersed at the sight of the dean, as mice at the sight of cats!Third, teachers like to use their brains, do anything to use the teacher’s mind, ask the reason.Be reasonable!Take Jiaozuo 17 high school for example, Professor Yao is a good example!Finally, it spread all over the country!Therefore, teachers hate the most is mandatory teachers have to do!The headmaster asks the teacher for advice on his orders, which is why teachers are regarded as petty, narrow-minded and calculating.Good leadership is to talk to teachers!Why don’t teachers have good teachers?First, the choice of talents.Teachers don’t choose to be deans!That’s the other way around!You can’t be a good teacher, and you can’t be a good teacher!A good teacher is a good student!This is against the art of officialdom, most of them are officials!Of course, he’s not your average mentor.Second, in order to become the dean, paid a lot of efforts.When he gets in the car, he’ll find a way to grab him.Therefore, many principals will lend a helping hand when they are on the stage, which is why all the tutors don’t like it!Third, teachers do not know how to take good care of the principal, often in the enjoyment and do not know!When you have a bad principal, you think a good teacher is great!It’s too late to say anything now.What can I do?One is to choose a principal in line with the preferences of front-line teachers!Only in this way can teachers feel at ease in teaching.There can’t be only one way!Second, the teacher’s main battlefield should be in the classroom, to speak, to listen, to learn, to research.Principals can’t go around their bosses, and they can’t go around the company!Can’t drink beer all day and look like a scoundrel!Should be full of poetic painting!Urbane!Don’t be greedy for money!The competent authority must keep an eye on the dean of the school and prevent any change.If there is corruption, always crack down!Don’t threaten teachers every day, let the principal know!One is to do a good job in education with undivided attention and integrity. Three years should not last too long in one university.It’s dangerous to be transferred in three years!One because he hated him!The other is because he is a proud person, so he will become arrogant, will lose his mind, will think of himself as a real power!The headmaster of the school is on regular duty.Teacher votes, there are many ways to choose!Let the best teachers vote!Be a teacher’s favorite principal!What happened to the good principal?