Fei Fan car was not refunded car “deposit” renamed half a year sales have not improved

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Feifan Automobile was found to have “stolen the deposit for car purchase and cancelled the order”. The official replied that the car owner involved had paid a “deposit” rather than a “deposit”, and the deposit would not be returned in accordance with the car purchase agreement.On February 9, media reported that a man surnamed Wu from Nanchang reported that he had stolen the deposit for his purchase of a Feifan car and had his order cancelled without any notice.According to Mr Wu, things happened in The Fei Fan car – Nanchang Chaoyang Island Rainbow experience center.It is reported that the client placed an order for “Feifan ER6” on the APP on December 2 last year for 5,000 yuan. Originally, she intended to return to the experience center in January this year to pay the balance. However, when she logged in the APP again on January 16, she found that the original order had been deleted.After the event, the experience center did not return the deposit, nor did it give a reasonable explanation.Financial network automobile to contact the relevant person in charge of fei Fan automobile, the other party said: “the specific situation related to the front-end colleagues are detailed understanding, from the current grasp of the situation, this user is a ‘deposit’ is not a ‘deposit’.The deposit is not refundable after the user pays 5,000 won.Positioning high-end electric vehicles Established less than a year ago, Feifan Automobile is SAIC group into the high-end intelligent electric vehicle market, to achieve the brand up the “vanguard”.The predecessor of Feifan Automobile is THE R brand under SAIC Roewe.In May 2020, SAIC Roewe put forward the “double standard strategy”, launched the high-end new energy exclusive brand — R standard.Different from Roewe Lion standard, which focuses on mainstream family cars, R standard products carry the layout tasks of brand upward, electrification and intelligent network connection.At that time, Roewe brand said that the new R mark shows the determination of SAIC Roewe to move to a higher end, hope that through the R mark can further expand the scientific and technological advantages of SAIC Roewe in the field of new energy and intelligent network, and in the future to undertake the mission of driving SAIC to become a world-class comprehensive transportation service provider.Or influenced by the establishment of independent operating brands by other auto companies (such as Geely Krypton and Dongfeng Lantu), saic adjusted its positioning ideas for R series shortly after.In order to establish its own brand positioning and image more clearly, IN November of the same year, SAIC Announced that R brand would be operated independently from Roewe, parallel to Roewe and MG in terms of organizational structure.In October 2021, SAIC Announced that it planned to invest and set up Feifan Automobile Technology Co., LTD., and separate THE R brand of SAIC Passenger Car Company, so that Feifan would carry out market operation in an asset-light way.Wu Bing, CEO of SAIC’s strategic mobility brand “Xiangdao Chuxing”, will become CEO of Feifan.The establishment of Feifan Automobile means that R brand will be directly under SAIC, equal to SAIC passenger vehicles, and separated from Roewe’s organizational structure, management system and channel marketing.However, the production of Fei Fan cars is still OEM saic Passenger vehicles.In terms of equity structure, The registered capital of Feifan Automobile is 7 billion yuan, of which 6.65 billion yuan is invested by SAIC, accounting for 95% of the shares.The employee shareholding platform subscribed 350 million yuan, accounting for 5% of the share.Fly every car positioning in “user oriented data driven technology company”, “technology to imagine” as brand position, through ascension “intelligent car experience and user scenarios mining capacity”, and explore the innovation way of company operation, business model and market mechanism of incentive and constraint, realize the independent operation, financial self-sufficiency, develop high-end intelligent electric vehicle market.In addition to focusing more on intelligent electric vehicles in products, Feifan Automobile has established a new retail service system integrating online and offline services and a user operation system integrating online and offline services nationwide, forming channels including experience centers, delivery centers and service centers.Saic has high hopes for independently operated Feifan Automobile, hoping to achieve “game-breaking” in the field of smart electric vehicles through the brand.When Feifan’s predecessor R brand had just become independent from the Roewe system, Yang Xiaodong, saic’s vice-president and general manager of SAIC passenger Vehicles, claimed that the new brand would do “what Tesla could not do, but What Apple might want to do”.In the future, Feifan Automobile and SAIC’s high-end intelligent pure electric brand — Zhiji Automobile, together to undertake the “brand up, leapfrog and stand” task.At the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, Fei Fan CEO Wu Bing further explained the core driving force of the brand, that is, data-driven, to build a new ecology;Core technology, continuous iteration;User-oriented, product customization;Directly connect users to experience new trips.In his opinion, with the maturity of electrification, intelligent network technology and the improvement of supporting facilities such as charging, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles continues to improve, and the market structure will accelerate the transformation from “dumbbell” to “spindle”.Therefore, for the layout of the high-end electric vehicle market, Feifan Automobile, the opportunity is greater than the challenge.Fifan’s first year was disappointing.The brand delivered 18,436 new cars in 2021, according to the data.This is far from the initial target of 30, 000 units.An auto industry analyst told business network car, flying car sales not exceeding the expectation “, on the one hand, is a thin line, more important is the brand is sold in the MARVEL of R and ER6 two models are under saic passenger cars and roewe technology system products, and the performance of the high-end product line has been in past roewe in is not very ideal,Lack of market recognition.As a result, The product strength and brand strength of Feifan Automobile in the early stage are not enough to support, and it is difficult to form differentiation advantage, so the sales performance is not as expected.Recently, Due to the withdrawal of new energy subsidies and rising component costs, Feifan Auto announced price adjustments for some of its MARVEL R and ER6 models.Among them, MARVEL R models of the initial entry version of the other models are up 2000 yuan, and ER6 models are all up 1000 yuan, the adjusted price of MARVEL R is 219,800 to 261,800 yuan, and ER6 models are changed to 156,800 to 201,800 yuan.The increase in the cost of buying cars could put more pressure on Feifan, which already has poor sales.However, with the launch of “R-Tech high-energy intelligent Body” model, the situation of Feifan automobile is expected to be significantly improved.With a total investment of 20 billion yuan, “R-Tech High-energy Intelligent Body” covers intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, three-power technology and other achievements, claiming that “hardware can be plugged and replaced and upgraded, software can be bought and sold and defined, and batteries can be charged and replaced and upgraded”.The first Feifan R7 based on R-Tech high energy intelligence body will be officially launched in the second half of 2022.The new car will carry the advanced intelligent driving solution developed by Feifan Automobile in full stack, and realize the full-domain integration of “cloud, mobile phone, car and intelligent hardware”.In the next two years, Feifan Automobile will also introduce a number of models based on “R-Tech high-energy intelligence Body”.With the improvement of intelligent and three-power technology, It may help Feifan auto to gradually open the middle and high-end market, and change the current problems of insufficient product strength and unclear differentiation of the brand.Apart from whether R-Tech can live up to expectations, how to deal with its relationship with the high-end brand Zhiji Automobile will be a big challenge for Feifan and its parent company SAIC.An auto industry analyst said it is rare for SAIC to create two high-end smart electric vehicle brands at the same time.Although officials say intelligence has car and fly every automobile main price period of different, can’t overlap, but from operation mode, the development concept (e.g., user guide, data-driven), the thinking of two brands is the basic consistent, accumulated in technology and manufacturing process, the two brands at the beginning of the founding will largely depend on the saic.That is to say, Fei Fan and zhi Ji brand is close.The two brands developed separately, similar to the “horse racing” mechanism of Internet companies, which helped motivate the enthusiasm and flexibility of their respective teams.However, the automobile industry with high investment and slow return is different from the Internet industry after all, and there are still great risks in such a decentralized approach.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn