Domestic cosmetics are becoming increasingly inward-looking

2022-06-05 0 By

In recent years, domestic cosmetics are very popular, and many young people are more and more willing to try domestic skin care products and cosmetics. Many bloggers say that domestic products are indeed better than big brands, with beautiful colors, beautiful product packaging and safe ingredients.Some netizens think that cosmetics I like domestic products, the same mineral oil processed products, the same market access threshold, it is not so messy marketing costs, advertising spending brand premium, the same effect why to be a dupe?Should not say now more than 20 pieces of domestic cosmetics is more and more let me convince, the price of a cup of milk tea does not lose the big brands, and really let me fondle… Recently, with the listed company’s annual report has been disclosed, the report card of domestic cosmetics has been made public.Among them, huaxi biological annual report shows that in 2021, Huaxi biological business revenue of 4.948 billion yuan, an increase of 87.93%;Net profit attributable to mothers was 782 million yuan, up 21.13% year-on-year.The sales revenue of functional skin care products increased by 1.973 billion yuan, up 146.57%.The annual report of Shanghai Jahwa shows that the company achieved operating revenue of 7.65 billion yuan last year, a year-on-year growth of 8.73%;Net profit was 649 million yuan, up 50.92% year on year.Winona parent company Bettaini, also released the 2021 annual report on March 22, the report period, the company achieved revenue of 4.022 billion yuan, up about 52.57% year on year;Net attributable profit of 863 million yuan, up about 58.77%;The sales gross margin was about 76.01%, which remained stable year-on-year.At present, through the cycle, heavy traffic, strong marketing brand growth has apparently told a period of road.For domestic beauty makeup, it will eventually return to its basic attribute of being product-oriented.In addition, it is not difficult to see that aiming at the effective skin care track, multiple brands cooperate with the strategy of “star big single product”, or one of the development ideas practiced by many local cosmetics brands in 2021.And the effect of skin care can become “tuyere”, also cannot leave the increasing “composition party”.