Someone who goes through menopause at 45 looks older than someone who goes through menopause at 60?How long is the female reproductive period?

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Modern medicine has advanced a lot, so many people have the illusion that the number of people suffering from serious diseases has increased in recent decades.It is not unheard of for people, including those around them, to be diagnosed with a serious illness at the age of 40 or 50.Is it true that people’s life has become better, with better food and clothing and access to medical care, but the average life expectancy has become shorter?This problem might as well have a look at the big data, don’t have a survivor bias, whether in the past, or now, the longevity of the old man always has, but to say to the average life expectancy, so much years ago but also their 40 s and 50 s, that is to say, under the condition of life at that time, most people’s life is not long, just before the people who died, may not know what is the real cause!According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China became one of the longest-living countries as early as 2000, and the average life expectancy of women will exceed 80 years in 2020, reaching 80.88 years, four years higher than the average life expectancy of women worldwide.While there are no new figures for life expectancy for men to be released, it is true that women have a slightly higher life expectancy than men around the world, due to a number of factors.One of the biggest concerns after life expectancy is the way our looks change, and this is particularly true for women, both older and younger as they enter the workforce.One of the more sensitive claims is that the onset of menopause is linked to how old you look. Is that really the case?Menarche should be a basic knowledge of life, when the age of 12 to 16, women tend to have their first period, of course, individuals may come earlier or later, this is due to individual genetic differences, and acquired different living conditions.Objectively speaking, women’s ovarian function, it is indeed after a certain age gradually began to decline, until the menopause, it means that ovarian aging, do not have the ability to give birth to children.That is to say, it does mean menopause ovarian function outright recession, but at present there is no scientific research proves that, as long as late menopause can look than people in the early menopause menopause, ovarian is only part of the body, the body of any organ will gradually aging because of age, so the function to present a weakening trend, including the person’s appearance is,The hair will be more gray, and the wrinkles will become more and more.It’s true that when two people of the same age are talking about menopause, it’s possible that the woman who went through menopause at 45 does look more menopausal than the woman who went through menopause at 60. But that doesn’t mean that there’s a rule that aging depends on the time of menopause.In essence, from the formation of fertilized eggs, life began to develop toward aging, modern medicine has not been able to prevent the human body from aging, we use a variety of products, but also slow down the speed of aging.Even two people born in the same year, on the same day and on the same month, have different parents and family conditions due to their different growing environments. Their living habits, life experiences and life choices are all vastly different.For example, one is the female that is engaged in building all the year round on construction site, few people have time to apply facial mask in ferial days those, of course, this cost is not small also originally, let alone the aging that exposure to wind and sunlight still can aggravate a person, especially when often face the sun directly.But if you are in the company work early nine late five, the first of the crowd, although earn wages may not be much more special, but many people prefer to take part to delay the appearance of aging, and many larger companies of makeup and clothing also have requirements, not to say and who is, you also need a little bit in this regard.In fact, the time of menopause does not directly indicate how quickly an individual’s appearance is aging, but it does reflect the length of a woman’s reproductive period.If two people start menarche at the same time, but one goes through menopause several years later, the latter should theoretically have a longer reproductive period than the former, which is why some women may form 600,000 follicles in their lifetime, while others may have only 300,000 or so.Of course, not all follicles make it to maturity, and it is even more common for follicles to degenerate, and only a few hundred of the tens of thousands of follicles in women eventually make it to maturity, making it even less likely that there will be mature follicles after natural menopause.While most women have less than 20 years to conceive and a limited number of follicles to mature, conceiving naturally is impossible at 45 if you have gone through the menopause, but it is possible at 60 if you haven’t gone through the menopause!