Self-taught technology “over the wall” to browse foreign pornographic websites, this behavior is illegal?

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Those of you who spend a lot of time online have no doubt heard of the phrase “climbing a ladder”.Especially when a hit movie comes out or a hit game hits the market, it’s common to see the code word “can I borrow a ladder, my friend?There’s a new movie out. I’ll look for resources.What is “climbing a ladder”?In fact, it is commonly known as “over the wall” software, through some technical means, bypass the corresponding IP blockade, content filtering, domain name hijacking, traffic restrictions, etc., to achieve access to the network content.To put it simply, the illegal software is used to browse some foreign websites, because these websites can not be opened on the domestic network, can only be opened through the foreign network, and the wall software is the use of technical means to change the IP address, create a fake IP simulation abroad, so as to achieve normal browsing of the Internet.With the Internet becoming more and more developed, people usually browse some news and videos to get some information through the Internet. There is no problem with normal Internet access. After all, we now live in the environment of the Internet, and our life is inseparable from the Internet.But there are so many people, is not willing to be part of the Internet, always like to challenge the bottom line of society, highlight their own smart, know that in China is unable to browse foreign websites, they must learn technology to try.Recently, for example, the public security bureau in Changde city, Hunan province, issued a notice announcing that it was going over the wall to browse foreign websites.In this case, the network security group police found in the work, the perpetrator Chen bought over the wall software and download in his mobile phone, the use of the software to establish illegal channels for international networking, and for a long time to browse overseas pornographic websites.Subsequently the public security organ gave a warning punishment to Chen mou of this kind of behavior.Seeing this case, some people may have doubts: I watched these indecent websites at home, I did not spread it out, the whole process was watched by myself, and did not cause adverse impact and harm to others and the society, how can it be illegal?Today, we are aimed at this doubt, to carry out the general law with you simply, to see what is the reason for the illegal.First of all, or with you popular science: simply browsing pornography alone, is it illegal?We all know that distributing pornographic pictures or videos is definitely illegal under the law, and serious cases will face detention and fines.So, if you are alone at home simply browsing pornography, is it illegal?Answer: It is illegal, but it does not constitute a crime.To the case: case one recently, there are two netizens in a certain place in Sichuan province in a pornographic website to browse a large number of obscene pictures and messages, was captured by the local police.According to local police, they received a tip from the provincial Public Security Department’s network supervision department that two Internet accounts in the city logged on to a pornographic website in Zhejiang province, looked up, viewed a large number of pornographic photos and left messages on the website.So the city police in the cooperation of telecommunications and other units, investigation about the case clues more than 300, finally found out the two Internet accounts of the user details, and mastered the relevant evidence, after the arrest of Han and Zhong mou two illegal suspects, two people confessed to their own actions.From this case, many people may not understand: watching such indecent videos or pictures at home is completely personal behavior, as long as it does not forward and does not interfere with others, why is it illegal?1, the reason why it is illegal is that pornographic websites are not legal, and we have a negative attitude towards the legality of browsing pornographic websites.According to Chinese law, pornographic websites violate social morality and laws and regulations, so browsing this website cannot be recognized by law.2. Although it does not cause harm to the public, it violates personal ethics, and China’s Ministry of Public Security does prohibit access to pornographic websites.Therefore, this kind of behavior should not be advocated, and if this kind of behavior is advocated, minors will follow to imitate, which will seriously affect the physical and mental development of minors.3, according to the provisions of Article 5 (6) of The Ministry of Public Security Decree No. 33 of China: any unit or individual that uses the Internet to publicize, produce, copy, consult and spread feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror and instigation of criminal information will be given a warning by the public security organ.Illegal gains, if any, shall be confiscated, and a fine of not more than 5,000 YUAN may be imposed on an individual and not more than 15,000 yuan on a unit;If the circumstances are serious, it may be given a punishment of suspending the network connection or shutting down the machine for rectification within six months. If necessary, it may suggest the original license issuing and examination and approval authorities to revoke the business license or cancel the network qualification.Acts violating the administration of public security shall be punished according to the provisions of the Regulations on Administrative Penalties for Public Security;If the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.So, self-taught “over the wall technology” to browse foreign pornographic websites, is it illegal?As mentioned in the above article, individuals are not allowed to use the wall-turning software at will in our country, and it is also forbidden to browse pornographic websites. Then some people may say: Since it is not allowed to buy the wall-turning software and browse pornographic websites in China, why don’t I study by myself and go to the Internet to watch it?Is it illegal to do that?Let’s start with another case.To case, 2 cases in September last year, jiangmen PengJiang public security to promote “net net 2021” special operation, the Internet police brigade of more than 80 officers were, from hebei, anhui, sichuan, zhejiang, guangdong and other 14 provinces and cities destroyed a trafficking network on the wall, to browse porn sites abroad criminal gangs, captured the criminal suspect 21 people, including 17 for women.After the investigation by the police, 140 people have purchased VPN firewall software from the gang, seized about 4,000 pornographic videos with a total capacity of more than 5 terabytes.The team set up a number of overseas servers to secretly sell the software, and provided operation and maintenance services, developed offline agents of 7 people, through wechat group, QQ group, network disk promotion to develop the offline team, so as to sell pornographic videos, a large number of women involved in the illegal personnel, has an extremely bad impact on the society.The suspects were detained on charges of providing programs and tools for intruding into and illegally controlling computer information systems, as well as spreading obscene materials for profit.What can we learn from this case?In 2017, The Public Security organ of Chongqing issued the “Administrative Penalty Discretion Benchmark of Network Supervision of Chongqing Public Security Organ”.In the guidelines clearly stated: to intentionally enter computer viruses, harmful data, the first violation of the law, and did not actually harm the security of the computer system, a warning.If the illegal income of an individual or a unit exceeds 5,000 yuan or 15,000 yuan, but is not serious enough for criminal punishment, the illegal income shall be confiscated and a fine of two to three times the illegal income shall be imposed.If the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.Among them, help “over the wall” on the Internet to earn money the highest penalty of 15,000.For some frequently engaged in foreign trade business or need access to some foreign literature, often need to and foreign friends and relatives of the social people, over the wall software for them or very be necessary, if there is no VPN, many foreign websites in China could not normal visit, such as what we know of Google, facebook, twitter, social networking.Although we have a demand on VPN, but according to the computer information network international Internet security protection measures for the administration of the provisions of article 6 in: computer information networks connected with international networks, must use international inward and outward channels provided by the national public telecommunication network of the ministry of posts and telecommunications, no unit or individual may establish or use other channels for international networking on its own.The public security authority can issue a warning and a fine of up to 15,000 yuan to those who violate this rule.The illegal gains, if any, shall be confiscated.The reason why the state keeps a close watch on this area is that once it is allowed to climb over the wall, it is easy to spread some state secrets by climbing over the wall, which will cause some adverse actions to the national security.Secondly, the good and bad of foreign websites are mixed. Many foreign websites are full of pornographic, bloody, violent and terrorist elements. If people browse these websites for a long time, they will certainly bring certain harm to the social harmony.Therefore, self-study technology over the wall to browse pornographic websites, illegal reasons have two: 1, over the wall software.2. Porn sites.Therefore, it is illegal to use the software that has not been approved by the telecommunications authorities in China, and it is even worse to browse pornographic websites abroad.Does our country have legal VPN?In my country, there is legal wall-jumping software.At present, only the three major telecom operators (China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile) can apply for overseas server interconnection service, and the VPN that has been applied for is legal and can be used normally.However, an individual cannot apply for a legitimate VPN. Only an enterprise can apply for one, and it also needs to provide relevant qualifications.How to apply for “Wall Climbing Software”?1. The VPN qualification requirements must be met.1. The operator is a company established according to law.2, the minimum registration for the whole network business is 10 million YUAN, provincial network business is 1 million yuan.3, for users to provide long-term service reputation or ability.4. Have feasibility study report and related technical scheme.5. The Company and its main investors and main operation and management personnel have no illegal records of violating the telecom supervision and management system within three years.Two, need to prepare the materials.1. A copy of the business license of the company and the original color scanning copy of the second-generation ID card of the legal representative within the validity period.2. Apply for the original color scanned copy of the industrial and commercial business license of the corporate shareholder of the company, the original color scanned copy of the articles of association of the corporate shareholder of the corporate legal person (affixed with the archives search seal of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau), and the original color scanned copy of the ID card of the natural person shareholder of the company.3. Color scanned original id cards of three employees within the validity period.4. Social security certificates of three employees in recent one month.The epilogue.Therefore, it is not easy to apply for legal wall software.There are a lot of small websites on the Internet or some e-commerce platforms to sell tricks over the wall software are illegal, many businesses are under the guise of their own qualifications when they publicize, in fact, these software are illegally obtained by businesses, in order to make huge profits to say that they are legitimate.At present, China severely cracks down on personal use of wall software, and we usually in the process of surfing the Internet every word and every action will be viewed by the network police, I hope we know the law and abide by the law, do not knowingly violate the law, challenge the bottom line of the law.Finally solemnly remind you: the network and illegal land, never easily “over the wall.”