Lebron James announces time to leave lakers, son decides final destination!The Rockets are the top favorites

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Beijing time on February 20th, at the time of the latest interview today, first in the NBA superstar lebron James is given a piece of news explosive, he says, they will be in his career last year with son brownie at a club, it is showed that James may not be on the future, it can leave a message in the comments section below give you,thank youIn today’s latest NBA media interview, James clearly talked about his career plan, also clear that he won’t hit production contract basketball, also won’t pay for anything less than top things go back to Cleveland, in 2014, when he return to the knight to get is the biggest union paid contract, so,He’s not interested in returning to the Cavs for a mid-level contract, and it’s hard to meet his salary demands at this point, not likely to break up the team for James.Then it gives a big answer temporarily, he makes it clear that his career last year will be spent and son won’t let you, don’t let you where where he will, as long as you can with son play last year, so he is willing to do everything, money is not the key, on the one thing that will make a statement,Although James is reluctant to accept a Max salary to return to the Cavs, if his son joins the Cavs and is drafted by the Cavs, James would probably accept even a $1 million minimum salary.James’ current contract doesn’t expire until the summer of 2023, after the 2010 championship, when he signed a two-year, $85 million early extension.So wait until the contract expires in 2023, James will be 37 years old, but at the time the contract of 2012 ~ 23 options for players of the season, which is where to go next season, James will have a high degree of autonomy, he can opt out of his contract a base salary to join to want to go to the team, as a result, it can accept brownie’s team,You don’t have to be too hard on your salary.Brownie, however the situation is not very optimistic, from the start against the father’s aura, gradually began to now, the NBA’s rational draft out, brownie’s line has fallen from previous media predict dropped 41 to 50 a, and we all know that the NBA draft before 60 to enter the union,Then there’s the no-draft, which means Browne’s chances of being drafted in the second round are getting smaller and smaller.Perhaps it was seeing his son’s draft crisis that led him to make the decision to join the team that drafted his son as a free agent.Browne, who officially turns 18 in October, isn’t eligible for the NBA draft until 2023.With James’s blessing, I believe those hand picks team, will consider whether in the first round win brownie, let James’s career, after all, the last one year spent in their team, this is undoubtedly a great glory, business will be a huge traffic, holding four draft picks up in 2023, and the rockets began to bad,It’s already been a huge hit.