Guanghan Palace in the cold tears asperse the world, sweet soul a wisp of infatuates with the month sleep

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Guanghan Palace in the cold tears asperse the world, sweet soul a wisp of infatuates with the month sleep.A wisp of incense soul where to go, into the stars, the world cold painting screen in the Palace.The son of Heaven qi Xuan ang, deep palace as the emperor, the palace is the cang Huang.Autumn wind, spring grass, maids do not know the emperor too sentimental.The son of Heaven facing the first power, six palace fandai all the city, changsheng hall uphill before the Ming Emperor surprised.Strike and rest, deep garden plants, maidens do not know hate, only love flowers.Linxuan royal screen, palace door lock jade linglong, emperor Ming dynasty on the throne in a dream.A deep palace everything is empty, I do not know the son of Heaven is a hero, huang Map hegemon industry is where, only see the bell on the hall of Eternal life.Angel to meet, purple palace fairy palace old month, deep night under the son of Heaven Yao Tai.Misty moon, the son of Heaven call not old man, xi Emperor where to go, the palace of Eternal life soak up the breeze.Jade Hall golden lotus, Huang Hua emissary to phase from, six palace fandai no color, the son of Heaven dare not peep its trace.The son of Heaven grace is hard to report, down and out palace lam hate did not rest, jade Temple Qionglou do not see people worry.Go not to return home, jade temple qionglou deep palace infinite hate, poor son of heaven too absurd.Dream palace, Han emperor under the east, do not understand the king’s meaning, still from the temple of boudoir resentment.Shi Ming light, palace white Jade hall, moon hall shadow open gold lock, Zichen toward the busy phoenix Emperor.Still remember when the new willow, everything by the body, middle-aged mood always like spring.Middle – aged mood away from home in a dream, everything is uncertain lucky still can be proud.100 years is still today, with fate can not be found, mo road in the old steed less ambitious.River poetry tide, rhyme sea sail high, wind and rain vicissitudes of old not heroic.Day near far, water things, at a loss to look around the sand has been low.Water sky, who with speech, mirage surging waves over.The sea is long, the wind and waves roll sand, mo said spring is good, cangbo deep fisherman.Business travel at the beginning of the tide, this time the heart of the sea is not dry, to ask cang wave wine is not lonely.Cang water heartless people easy to old, intentionally not worry, floating if dream bloom several degrees autumn.Tiaosheng Peng Island cold autumn wind, sea near Yingzhou night moon Ming, to cangbo gull heron don’t forget.A solitary sail, this for years did not dare to say, mirage is magic, the tide to the horizon.The tide is flat, the waves are still, the mirage floats before us, the sunrise cangbo red is like fire, people say that here wins the peach land.Cang wave light than phoenix, mirage surging meaning float in the sky.Among the clouds, there is no fairyland here, I said cang wave is better than smoke.Who said body deathless, a few years, yellow sand qianshanyue like a ship.Any free and unfettered, fengyun tide, concise and comprehensive express ambition, Cangbo wanli look at the present.Heaven on earth two friends, jiuquan who can think, foot magpie bridge net sea to find new poetry.Lack of joy, if the sea sentient days also pity, no way to go back, where the world reunion.Where the world is not romantic, a to jiuquan endless, foot outing mountain blue sea boat.On an outing to the mountains and the sea of ink deep feelings, jiuquan if meet a feeling in the world.Seek immortal, go to jiuquan, foot outing to write a new chapter.So close to each other, mirage where habitat, even if there is no way not lonely.Where there are no peaches and plums, heaven jiuquan Great Wall under the foot, mountains, rivers, mountains and mountains do vast.Through the ice, mirage into the clouds, under a total human life.There are gods, heaven and earth a line, vows of eternal love will not change, this feeling is enough to comfort Confidant.Where to find, the end of the world so close foot landing, if there is truth in the world, not a heart.Foot line thousands of miles a road, Haina thousand rivers four seasons spring, mo jiuquan no pure land, the world is full of qi qiankun.Lament jiuquan, heaven two vacant, mountains and rivers broken xiangyun wanli ship.The path of the immortal under jiuquan, foot xiangyun Sea Yuena mountain.After returning, Wanli Jiangshan Jiuquan should hate, where is the end of the world.The Great Wall foot road, sea yue can destroy, jiuquan if there is a human walk once.Who knows, heaven and earth at this time, mirage worldly foot acacia.Willow long, into dreamland, armature a wisp of east wind send lover.The most ruthless liuhua fly, east wind go not back, mo lingering pillow dream.Thousands of years, deep when also disconsolate, even if lingering end not regret, yuanyang wings two hearts.Love lingering female with mandarin duck, Xiaofeng moon shuangfei armature long.Yuanyang warm spring wave green, lingering liufei, armature thousands of wisps of east wind send o.Ten thousand wisps woven into poetry, spring breeze puzzled, dream lingering splashing two hearts know.Not flying, tears dry, a touching wings in the world.The breeze blows his face meaning lingering, the water yuanyang play bi Lotus, ruthless years of lovesickness to one hundred years.Two snuggle, lingering a toast, armature lovesickness where to send, love day of sea bitter reincarnation.Love, acacia armature tears trickling down, sentimental Yuanyang not immortal.Autumn long day armature, the spring breeze drizzle v. love, touching not lovesickness, into the dream of mandarin duck.Drizzle Run fangfei, water yuanyang heartless double swallow, twittering armature do not think return.Splashing water to fly, lingering tender do not think return, purple swallow empty armature, love to deep always sad.A wisp of lovesickness affection is tender, half life armature dream is dimly, lingering is the sky month most, once shine on yuanyang wing to wing.Armature wine wake up where, heartless flowers fall into water artful, how many lingering mandarin duck dream swim.Lingering willow, such as silk, yuanyang splashing water do not understand the feelings of pain, armature flying flowers fall full pool.Only mu Xian, spring breeze autumn moon two lingering, armature end no regrets, afterlife to renew the old edge.Often tender, armature always lovesickness, lingering is the sky month, see yuanyang two places crazy.Preexistence lovesickness armature, conjugative companion affection, lingering tender yuanyang not seeking money.A lingering water two huan, the most ruthless chang ‘e sleepless night.Splashing two dating, lingering dream people, armature ten thousand wisps of the human world.Bleak feeling difficult to ban, armature nowhere to find, a touching pillow dreamboat.Another year, gone as smoke, lingering past yuanyang not immortal.Dream is difficult to become, night sound, armature dongfeng where is the feeling.Hunger and cold, imperial wealth and prosperity, li shu do not know where to go, the royal heavy hero since ancient times.The story cost doubt guess, Li ordinary ever fell into a dream, through the ages the emperor people happy laugh.But hear Li shu song Yao and Shun, the royal sing peace, Kings and people enjoy peace through the ages.Emperors and generals with ancient and modern, the people live and work in peace and contentment, mo royal Li ordinary blood red.Wearing golden armor, shengshi Qianqiu song emperor, live in peace and happiness, royal wealth and age.The royal created a new world, Li Shu into the ancient sages, where the emperors and ministers, the hearts of the people.Chuyue imperial far temple, not with the imperial people send fragrance.Emperor how many years, who knows the people if there is truth in, Li ordinary why to blame nine days.The people celebrate, the emperor raised the cup, Li ordinary do not know since ancient times good children.Has become empty, speechless tears in the eyes, thousands of emperors hate, poor people blood red.Honest heart does not change li ordinary wish, difficult pay royal grace, the emperor will be speechless tears full jin.This boundless, the people ever complained of falling flowers, the royal son of Heaven expensive, only li ordinary official ya.People work hard to build mansions, imperial wealth building high-rise, poor Li ordinary royal family.The yellow sand condensed into Li shu, through the ages the emperor people bitter management.White hair, purple robes, Kings and people suffering through the ages.General phase has become dust, ever had this body, mo road royal Li ordinary bitter cold people.People’s happiness is endless, not the emperor why worry about the country, jiangshanwanli belongs to the royal.The royal eternal name, poor Li shushuo helpless, the emperor will hate injustice in the heart.But with courage reward li ordinary, how to fear the royal as a male ghost, through the ages the emperor into a dream, poor people blood red.- Zheng Huixian