The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, 24 solar terms, strong Beijing culture, showing the romance of Beijing people

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# # after the 2022 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing, acclaimed, the day is on February 4, spring, beijingers have to eat on this day the LaoJiaEr flipping the ripening, but doesn’t want to say is not Beijing flavour food, but the opening ceremony of the Olympic winter games originality, saw the whole process of Peking man knows that games with 24 solar terms in the countdown,Present the picture is not only beautiful but also depth from the rain always spring begins, each solar term with a corresponding to the ancient temples, amazing, this is a past master at the art design, believe that any one from Beijing will be applauded after the play, so today just through the opening of the winter Olympics in Beijing, to talk about twenty-four solar terms related to poetry to start with 24 rain,Wind into night, moistens everything silently, from du fu’s “spring rain” of Beijing children go to school when they are young are memorized the old temple, du fu properly describes the night of spring, a spring rain with the wind to the scene, namely the rain with the spring breeze, quietly falling in the night, sad silent sound moistens everything the 23 surprised zhi, spring thunder sounded, all long,This is old Beijing proverb, they all know, surprised zhi is the ancient extremely important solar terms, the reason is very simple, because this day is a day began to spring, spring in March, spring thunder at first, pay attention to the old Peking man one day can eat pears, mean to say bye bye with pests, day improving slowly, and it is Beijing all things recovery, the growth of the good time to 22 equinox,Spring breeze are the guest, one to the prosperous, from yuan mei in qing dynasty lines easy to understand the meaning of “spring breeze”, is a person can know the word you can understand this sentence to express what meaning, rhyme, so-called wu described as a beautiful scene in winter and spring alternately, to remind everyone that Beijing’s spring 21st the tomb-sweeping day, it’s more needless to say,The poem “Qingming festival” by Du Mu is from the Tang Dynasty. When I was a child in Beijing, I had memorized it backwards and backwards, so my impression has always been very deep. Literally, it means that during the qingming Festival, drizzle falls in succession in the South of the Yangtze River.Failed to passers-by home looks very disappointed 20 grain rain ‘wind rain fine a city flowers from the song dynasty, huang tingjian’s “diffuse xing see brother and spend 20 words” this is a poem of special have emotional appeal, there are a lot of different editions of parsing, the first word translation is saying catkin, it was march, after the wind and rain, the city is the fallen petal of profusion, the scene,Outside the east side, drink a glass of wine, or under the west window, brew a pot of jasmine tea is more elegant in some level, of the song dynasty, was from Beijing heritage well down, they now comfortable life, it is the song dynasty’s often said, we want poets, might as well look at the life of the hutongs of old Peking man, called qingming festival wine, tea, grain rainThis is from Beijing’s unique romantic and elegant 19 of summer, beginning of heaven and earth, and all things show, from the Ming dynasty, author, lotus born eight which can, from the date of the original sentence is’ Meng Xia beginning of heaven and earth, all things and show ‘of content is not complicated, people in the past, since the beginning day, heaven and earth qi began to slowly convergence, all things into the vigorous growth period 18 grain full,They used to say, as for this, the small ying, the throttle looks very casual, in fact, the meaning behind a lot, because the origin of grain full greatly exquisite, written by yuan dynasty Wu Cheng departure seventy-two hou has enveloped the made it clear that in grain full, material, means to the solar terms, all kinds of grain will full,But not yet completely mature, the small ying so old Beijing often say ‘ ‘grain full’ so the question comes, we all know, the 24 solar terms, but no corresponding with grain full big full, may be a lot of friends have been the problem, it will start from Beijing flavour philosophy, Beijing culture since ancient times, is the full moon,Water filled with excessive don’t tube which Peking man of all ages just understand this truth, every thing you can’t try so hard, otherwise, only bad thing, it is because of this, the ancient people don’t take ‘big full only take grain full, after is to warn people, be open-minded, behave well, learn to understand the true sense of humility, this is Beijing flavour culture hidden wisdoms seventeen grain in ear,Every MaiFan beauty, song ling long everywhere, from the song dynasty, lu you said the “latter rain” it was the scene of a grain in ear season this word is especially interesting, there is a mans mans said crops, for example of wheat mature, and that is the beginning of summer, so in the season of grain in ear, cultivation are the most busy, busy to write the labor right and joy 16 the summer solstice, green narration as containing powder,This poem comes from Wei Yingwu’s “Summer Solstice Summer Resort North Pool” in the Tang Dynasty. It describes the beautiful scenery of green bamboo and lotus on the side of the pond during the summer Solstice. To white, it means that the lotus flowers in the pond begin to blossom, emitting bursts of delicate fragrance in fifteen minor summers.Meng Haoran’s “summer South Pavilion cup xin Da” mainly expressed the poet’s memory of his old friend ‘Xin Da’, the whole poem describes the quiet and comfortable summer night, but the beauty did not make Meng Haoran happy, but issued infinite feelings, because the next sentence is to take the song qin, hate no bosom friend to appreciate the whole poem more taste more artistic mood,This kind of artistic conception and the emotional state of typical Beijing type is the aesthetic style, the second with Peking nostalgia emotions have the same effect on 14th heat, cassia round midnight, firefly as empty, from the tang dynasty, yuan zhen “, of 24 gas great heat in June, “they all know, refers to the midnight 11 and 1 at night,Translated it is round full moon opens the midnight of time, a group of fireflies flying, a fire lit up the dark sky. Beginning of autumn, courtyard the night is cool such as water, lying watch petunia weaving girl, also from tu mu in the tang dynasty wrote the chuseok is the girl’s best friend hatred in the Forbidden City, a night of autumn, a palace, a daughter alone sitting on the steps, the night wore on,Raises shivered, palace did not leave his daughter, also with that sit, staring at the tianhe petunia vega, next to the whole poem is a share and desolate. The limit of heat, recovery and a grain of millet, the autumn harvest wan son, from Beijing Li Shen children are very familiar with the tang dynasty and one of the two farmers Benjamin meaning is very simple, under the spring sowing seeds,More food in autumn can reap eleven white dew, dew from tonight white, month is the home, from the tang dynasty poet du fu “view have my younger brother” expresses the author himself to his family, for his hometown thoughts, translation is to say, since this is the millennium, and the moon is the brightest at home and the home is’ month ‘writes very in place, for the Beijing native,Simple five word, generalize for his hometown missing out, not the kui is handed down in the tang dynasty gold some solar terms, the rest of the winter Olympics and did not give the corresponding poems, but the 2022 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony presented some of the solar terms, young people see is lively, and they see is a kind of artistic conception, every words of poetry behind it there is a very profound truth,Have to say this, is worth us to savor the za Beijing Olympics too like like, Beijing flavour culture inheritance, and full of positive energy, watching the Olympics athletes win honor for our country at the same time, also can learn a lot of Beijing culture, worthy of our attention and it is easy to understand all the way, why there are so many people are starting to write of winter Olympic Games in Beijing!