The five most powerful would-be emperors

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The ancient emperor is invincible, leaving endless legends.In the era of no emperor, the quasi-emperor is the existence that people look up to, even if the lower realm has the emperor, still can deal with calmly.Ye Fan in the history of the strongest holy body, is also the strongest quasi emperor, no one, fly fairy star fairy road opened after the death of the four supreme calm unrest.Kill stone emperor flat forbidden area, even defeat the emperor.All have proven their strength.Shake light no special constitution, shake light holy land son, god ring plus body, unfathable, in addition to Ye Fan from no failure, the final incarnation of chaos to the incomplete chaos body killed Ye Fan was seriously injured, its strength makes jin Wu grand imperial capital several times color change, strength when and Jin Wu Emperor.Komatsu body is a squirrel, the second disciple of Ye Fan, chizi heart, and extremely strong, looking for the journey of heaven had to recover solitary heart proud and kill one hundred thousand hell Yin soldiers.At the end of the second generation of Ye Fan, he killed an ancient emperor in anger.Two thousand years after the disappearance of Green Emperor Gai Jiu You, Gai Jiu You rose rapidly, but was unable to become the emperor due to the suppression of emperor Tao. At the last moment of his life, he forcibly recovered his peak state and fought against the Lord of The Shen Xu.Leaf pupil Ye Fan big disciple, sun, sun SAN queen generation, has been the most powerful Ye Fan before komatsu appear disciple, should be late after komatsu, the fairy fire can force against the ancient sovereign, covering day late open hung with too many young players, chaos, congenital eucharistic tire, too frequent go against the celestial body on constitution that would not be discussed.