The US supports Japan’s sovereignty. Which side is China on in the Russia-Japan territorial dispute?The Chinese side has made this promise ahead of time

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With an area of 378,000 square kilometers, Japan is nothing compared to The size of China and Russia.Perhaps it is because of its small size that Japan covets the territory of China and Russia.Even today, Japan is still competing with China and Russia for sovereignty over the Diaoyu and Southern Kuril Islands.The eschewage of the Southern Kuril Islands is a question left over by history. According to historical facts, Russia was the first country to discover the Southern Kuril Islands, and Russia implemented the rule for a long time.Since Japan’s rise, however, it has coveted the Southern Kuril Islands and even sakhalin for itself.When the Russo-Japanese War broke out in 1904 and Japan finally defeated Russia, Japan seized the Southern Kuril Islands, along with the southern half of Sakhalin.During World War I, Russia broke the agreement and withdrew from the Allies, so after the war, Russia was boycotted by the European and American countries.Japan took the opportunity to force Russia to sign the Japan-Soviet Basic Treaty, and forced Russia to recognize the South Kuril Islands owned by Japan.During World War II, Stalin sent troops directly to Japan to regain sovereignty over the Southern Kuril Islands.But now, Japan refused to recognize it and tried to seize the sovereignty of the Southern Kuril Islands.On February 11, 2022, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian held a press conference.At the meeting, zhao Lijian was asked by a reporter about the sovereignty issue of the Southern Kuril Islands. Zhao said the issue is a matter between Russia and Japan and should be resolved by the two countries themselves.Zhao Lijian answered very wisely. First of all, he made clear China’s position that China will not participate in the sovereignty dispute even though China and Russia have certain historical ties.Secondly, Zhao Lijian secretly criticized the actions of the United States. The South Kuril Islands were originally a matter of Both Russia and Japan, but the United States interfered in this matter in order to achieve the purpose of resisting Russia.Had the United States not intervened, there would have been little doubt about the outcome of the sovereignty dispute.Lost the help of the United States, Japan is completely unable to compete with Russia, in the case of reason, the Southern Kuril Islands belong to Russia’s territory, Japan has no reason to fight for.Regarding the dispute over the sovereignty of the Southern Kuril Islands, Our country has clearly stated its position.Korea said it would stay out of the issue, but it will also cooperate with Russia if the U.S. continues to interfere.During the Second World War, Japan was a defeated country and should respect the achievements of the victors and not fight with Russia for sovereignty over the Southern Kuril Islands.Meanwhile, the US should stay out of the dispute over sovereignty.(This article is the original view of Fu Jinyu, the picture material from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.)