Remind!!!!This month from the test, candidates please do these preparations

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The April 2022 Self-study examination will be held from April 15 to 17.In order to ensure the safety and health of examinees and examination staff, hubei Education Examination Institute has issued the prevention and control instructions, asking examinees to be fully prepared for the prevention and control before the test.These preparations include: applying for hubei Health code and travel card with real name 14 days before the exam, and making sure the green code is used;Provide health status report form 14 days before the examination, i.e. daily temperature measurement, record and health status monitoring;All candidates must provide nucleic acid test negative proof within 48 hours prior to the first day of the test before they can take the test.All candidates should be fully vaccinated with novel Coronavirus vaccine, and those who cannot be vaccinated should provide relevant medical certificates;14 days before the test, try to reduce unnecessary inter-provincial and inter-city mobility, and avoid going to medium-high risk areas and crowded public places.The provincial examination institute stressed that the epidemic prevention and control measures will be adjusted according to the changing situation of the epidemic prevention and control, and if the local epidemic prevention and control department has other regulations, the epidemic prevention and control work will be carried out according to the local epidemic prevention and control department.Please pay close attention to hubei Education Examination Institute website (, wechat official account “Hubei Education Examination Institute”, short messages pushed by the examinee service platform and the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the test site before the test.Summary: Hubei Province, Hubei Center for Disease Control and Prevention source: Jingzhou Daily