No champion of S tournament was selected. “The Korean Open is hot to discuss LPL’s strongest field, and three players are undisputed on the list.”

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Foreword: S12 season of the game has officially begun, I believe that the vast majority of players are concerned about the recent period of time of the spring game.New Year’s cause, LPL and LCK have entered a short period of time off season.These days, Korean netizens are paying a lot of attention to LPL, especially the issue of historical players. The talk about the strongest player has attracted a lot of attention from LPL players.In the eyes of Korean players, the three best players in LPL history are Mlxg, Casa and Factory manager. Unfortunately, these three players have not won the world championship.The winners, Ning Wang, Xiao Tian and Jie, are not considered top players in Korean Open.Players who follow the league of Legends should be familiar with the field position. As the leader of the team rhythm, a good field player can make the teammates on the line very comfortable.Over the years, the team that has won the World Championship, the wild player, has made a crucial move in the game.Since the start of the new season, LPL’s wild players have had some fluctuations, and LCK players have also had some problems.May also be because of the wild area overall change is relatively large, the official after realizing the problem is also an emergency change of the game, the new addition of the alchemical technology dragon was cancelled directly, after getting the dragon soul almost impossible to be turned over, direct base demolition is very easy.In recent days, Korean netizens also began to talk about the LPL division’s wild players, and even voted the three best in history, respectively EDG team’s factory director, RNG team’s Mlxg and V5 team’s Kasa.First of all, factory director, as the first LPL god player, had absolute dominance in S4 and S5 seasons, no wild player could compete with him, and factory director is the only LPL player that has been recruited in the LCK division.S11 in order to stabilize the popularity of the team, the factory director was forced to come back and played an exhibition game in the summer games. The most regrettable thing should be the S11 world games, he could not feel the scene atmosphere of winning the championship with the team.Then there is THE RNG wild player Mlxg, if the factory manager is a rhythm type of wild, then Mlxg is definitely a fierce type of wild representative.Bluntly has his game, the tiger’s middle road will certainly lead very comfortable.In the S8 season, RNG really used Mlxg as the last card, but the atmosphere of the team was already broken in the last game, otherwise RNG would have had a chance to win the championship that year.The last one is the wild player Casa, he is known as the Wolf king of FW team, after coming to LPL division, he has played in three teams, respectively RNG team, TES team and V5 team, the best result is the world Final four.To tell the truth, his mentality has now been adjusted very good, in TES team really have a chance to win, but the team or problems.In the eyes of Korean netizens, the three LPL champions danye are not the top players in LPL history. Ning Wang and Xiao Tian’s peak time was too short, and problems began in the second year. At the same time, Korean players were the core of the team when they won the championship.Jiejie just won the championship, the whole strength is steadily improving.Goodbye, I think there is no problem with the opinions of Korean netizens, factory director, Mlxg is absolutely the peak of LPL domestic playing wild, it is a pity that we failed to get a world championship, Casa is still in the competition maybe there is a chance.It’s true that Ning Wang and Rookie played well at worlds, but S8 is more about Theshy and Rookie, S9 is more about Doinb.It felt like the two years of competition with Mlxg, the director and Casa should have won.What do you guys think about this?