The Dingan Court launched a Spring Festival activity to comfort retired senior cadres

2022-06-02 0 By

Spring Festival is coming, the old cold feeling deep.For retired veteran cadres feel care and warmth of the party and the state, carry forward the fine traditions of respect for the elderly, love, respect, support, in the year of the tiger Spring Festival approaching, anding court party unified arrangement deployment, the party secretary and dean xue-gang li and other party members respectively led visits condolences retired cadres, for them to send to caffeine arts and New Year’s wishes.Everywhere the residence of retired veteran cadres, school leaders are retired cadres and cordial conversation, to understand their health, life, thank them once the contribution for the development of the construction of anding court, and wish them good health and a happy family, I hope they continue to play a kind of waste heat, to give more valuable opinions and Suggestions, as always, for the concern and support the court.Li xuegang pointed out that retired cadres are valuable assets for the construction and development of the courts. They have firm ideals and convictions and rich work experience, and have made fruitful contributions to the development of the courts. They are examples for us to learn from.The court will continue to provide services for senior cadres, and give them more political attention, ideological communication, daily care and spiritual care, so as to create a better environment for them to give full play to their spare time and enjoy their old age.Retirement party branch secretary cheng xuan said, thanks to the party organization, the leaders of the court and the comrades greetings and concern, as the court each work of the new achievements in recent years, new breakthroughs in happy, and will continue to care about each career focus on the court, hope the court leadership unity led floor policemen to walk road of the new place, high quality “sea the clear article set” comprehensive economic circle,Resolutely shouldering the responsibility of the court of building hainan free trade port.As the branch secretary, I will also lead retired cadres to actively participate in various activities in the college and help the court work to a new level.Feng Fei, Sun Daoda and Wang Shangqiu, the leading group of ding ‘an Court, respectively led a team to visit retired veteran party members and cadres.(Vivian Leung, Ting ‘an Court)