Stick to, is to go home for every reunion

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On the second day of the lunar New Year, he got up and rushed to the station, checking vehicles, cleaning, changing the work phone, open the warm wind in advance……Qi Peng is the Laiwu bus team K8 road driver, this is he needs to do enough homework every morning.During the Spring Festival, he sticks to his post every day and guards the family reunion with his actions.As a bus driver, the biggest responsibility is to provide good service to passengers.At work, Qi is conscientious and warm to passengers. At each stop, he pauses for a few seconds to carefully observe his surroundings in his rearview mirror.Whenever the old man with mobility difficulties gets on the bus, he always waits patiently and arranges the seat for the old man.When stopping to get off passengers, he always pays attention to observe in the rearview mirror, and reminds young passengers to help the elderly get off.”Aunt, please wear masks, stop the car after getting off, don’t worry.” Near the north Xiaoyi station, an aunt to get up ready to get off, Qi Peng observed from the rearview mirror and patiently said to the old woman.”Don’t worry, I’m waiting for you”, “please go slowly”, “please get on the bus”, “please stand firm and hold on” these civilized expressions are often heard in the carriage of Qi Peng.At each station, even if there is an electronic voice announcement, Qi Peng also always clear, loud again manual announcement.”There were so many people in the carriage and so much noise, and most of the old people couldn’t hear clearly,” he said. “I felt relieved after the station was announced manually so that everyone could get on and off the train accurately.”In total, this is the 15th consecutive year that Qi Peng has spent Spring Festival with passengers.”Since I joined the company in 2007, I have been on the road every Spring Festival, spending much more time with passengers than with my wife and children.The only time I was off work during Spring Festival was when I just got married and went back to my parents’ home with my daughter-in-law on the third day.”Talking about the only time during the Spring Festival off work, Qi Peng still remembers.”K8 route a total of 35 stops, 36 kilometers, passing through the First middle school laiwu, terminating station is the Party school, the cultural atmosphere is very strong, running this line I feel a great responsibility, like doing this line is more dry more energetic.This year, the company also promoted me as an active party member. I have to train myself, improve service and technology, and actively get closer to the Party organization to accept the test of citizens and passengers.”Qi Peng said proudly.”My family is used to it. They know that we get busier around the holidays, and it gradually sinks in.”Talking about not being able to spend the Spring Festival with his family, Qi Peng’s words seemed to be more relaxed, but more revealed the responsibility and responsibility of the bus people.Stick to, is not to miss every home reunion.When the red lantern on the float tonsured spied, dinner when festive holiday atmosphere permeated with all round, when the family sharing family happiness, please remember, have so a group of people, they left home, for everyone lives in her own job, for a people to spend a happy Spring Festival and the escort.Scan code attention to our source/Laiwu bus editor/Wu Yu proof reading/Han Long responsible editor/Sang Ran production/Cui Fangfang