Haidian District Medical Insurance Bureau took the initiative to “unlock” the “stuck” business of transferring medical insurance relationship between different places

2022-06-02 0 By

Recently, the Haidian District Medical Insurance Bureau took “people’s livelihood medical insurance” as the target, played the link role of grassroots medical insurance, changed from passive waiting for the information processing results to active service, communicated with the parties for many times, and completed an off-site medical insurance transfer business.It is reported that a few days ago, the staff of the district medical insurance bureau received a “contact letter” returned by the health insurance agency in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province, which said “no such person”, unable to issue the “information form”, so the transfer of business “card” live.The staff of the district Medical Insurance Bureau immediately checked the system and learned that Ms. LUAN, the “person” in the Contact Letter, was currently insured in Haidian District, Beijing, and applied for transferring medical insurance to other provinces on October 15, 2021.”We learned that Ms. LUAN was born in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. She enrolled in the insurance program in Shijiazhuang with her ID number and Chinese name. After obtaining US citizenship, she enrolled in the insurance program in Beijing with her 18-digit social Security number and English name derived from her passport.After understanding the situation, the staff of the District Medical Insurance Bureau concluded that the reason was that the English name and other information in the Contact letter issued by Beijing did not match the Chinese name and other information in the system of Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province, so they transferred the reply to “no such person has been found”.The reporter understands, the district health bureau staff contacted the roll-out to agency orgnaization, coordinate to solve business “card”, identified by ms LUAN submitted to prove two ginseng protect information relevant certificates for the same person, will prove that the material with contact letter sent out to orgnaization of agency of insurance, and accompanying letter detailing, turn out to issue “the information table”.After communicating with the manager of Ms. LUAN’s unit for many times, the staff of the district Medical Insurance Bureau completed the business for Ms. LUAN in time.”Thank you so much. I didn’t expect it to go so smoothly.””Ms. LUAN said, moved.Under the background of the construction of “two districts” in Haidian District, with the floating employment of talents, the amount of the transfer and continuation business of basic medical insurance is also rising.Adhering to the guidance of party construction, the district medical insurance bureaus have strengthened their contact with the insured by changing “no such person” to “there is such a person” to protect the rights and interests of the insured.(Reporter Xie Chunyang)