China’s fattest man lost 480kg in a year to confess his love for a girl

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Wang Haonan, once known as “China’s fattest”, has lost 480 pounds in just one year after soaring to 668 pounds. After losing weight successfully, he not only founded a company as the boss, but also successfully held the beauty.Wang Haonan is different from when in the mother’s stomach, in the bosom of Wang Haonan, eat things not absorbed by the mother, all absorbed by the stomach of Wang Haonan, his mother’s stomach was particularly big at that time.After birth, it is to play a foodie ability, mother’s breast milk is not enough for him to eat, but also to drink milk powder, not to drink on the cry, soon, in the body on the same age children, 3 years old weight has more than 70 pounds.When he grew to seven years old, his weight soared to more than 90 pounds, which is heavier than many female stars. Although his father said that he did not deliberately give him nutrition, it was normal food, but he could not bear wang Haonan’s big appetite.Wang Haonan not only grew fast weight, height also grew fast, in primary school has always been the highest in the class, the largest child, as a special presence in the class, many students will laugh at him.Although Wang Haonan performance indifferent, but still will satirize their classmates a fat beat, to let him lose weight, will Wang Haonan sent to the sports school deliberately, the results not only did not thin, but also long more than 100 catties.At the age of 18, Wang Haonan 181 height, weight has 430 catties, because it is too fat, the car can not even enter the door, can only walk, but walk will be tired out of breath, looking for a job no one is willing to him.Later, the weight directly soared to 668 pounds, Wang Haonan’s body also lit a red light, panting is difficult, was directly sent to the hospital, after the death, Wang Haonan determined to lose weight.First through surgery, reduce stomach, reduce food intake, and then with exercise to achieve the effect of weight loss, after gastric surgery, Wang Haonan signed up for weight loss training camp, in the face of the harsh training plan, can not stick to it, just meet his wife now.The original girl was also a fat, and then became so slim by losing weight, which also gives Wang Haonan great confidence, in the girl’s company, Wang Haonan also slowly like her.More desperately reduce weight, only can confess beloved girl, after holding to half an year successfully lose 268 catty, he also smoothly vindicate, the girl agrees gladly, they had had common experience, the hardship that knows reducing weight naturally.After a year, Wang Haonan lost a total of 480 catty, now Wang Haonan will no longer be laughed at, but is the idol of many people, netizens also said that the power of love is really strong.Can let a person in the face of despair to rekindle morale, want to give up when gritted teeth stick to it, also thanks to the emergence of Wang Haonan’s wife, let Wang Haonan has today’s achievements.If you have any ideas, please leave a comment in the comments section.