CCTV captures’ invisible man ‘after two girls share a room

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Located in Yutian Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, a residential community has become a choice for many workers to live in Shanghai because of its convenient transportation and moderate rent.In the home always strange produce gap between boudoir honey the light rain that university graduates before long and small recall two people live early or late into the two-bedroom of an old public house 5 buildings in the village.Xiao Yu works in a research institute nearby, engaged in product research and development.Xiao Yi is a buyer in a private company.However, a recent incident has made their relationship a little more delicate…Original, careful light rain discovery, the socket power supply on the cabinet of the head of a bed, inexplicable can be in the state of open.Because they usually have the habit of turning off the power, light rain unavoidably suspected of living in a small memory room.But on the other hand, there is no loss of the property of light rain, small memory seems to have no need to use their own room power supply, which makes light rain puzzled.In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, since the beginning of November last year, Xiaoyu added a combination lock on the bedroom door, but invisible also to the relationship between the two of a lock.After the small memory observation also feel some grievance, straightforward she decided to communicate with light rain.A small memory did not go to the reason of light rain room, light rain also think that may be his wrong memory, after two people lifted the misunderstanding between.Just as the two had been back together for a while, something weird happened again!This time let light rain finally confirm that there are people outside of them into the house.Together with Xiaoyu and Xiaoyi, this situation is indeed abnormal.But the two men separately inventoried their belongings and found no damage, and no sign of the door being forced.Faced with this unknown intruder, the two girls became involuntarily nervous.Xiaoyu immediately decided to install a household camera to grasp the absolute evidence.Two days later, after work on December 9, 2021, Xiao Yu checked the monitoring content as usual and finally saw the third person!In the middle of the day, the door was opened, and a strange man wearing a mask entered the house and turned the camera around.Two girls were shocked out of a cold sweat by the image, the first time to hongkou public security branch Quyang road police station.Police tracked down the time of the entry and found that the man eventually walked into a nearby business.What’s more surprising is that this company is exactly where Xiao Yu works!Is the man xiaoyu’s colleague?At first, Xiaoyu said she had no impression of the man, but the police found that the shoes on the man’s feet had some recognition. After careful identification, Xiaoyu recalled a colleague Surnamed Zhang, who seemed to have the same pair of shoes.Police combined with zhang’s physical features and the existing picture, the comparison results are highly consistent, then rushed to Zhang’s residence.In the face of inquiry, Zhang admitted his illegal intrusion into the fact of light rain residence.The third person is his case behind the hidden distortion of the emotion originally he likes light rain for a long time, but because of their previous injury and fall disabled, did not express this feeling.His girlfriend at the time broke up with him because of his disability.At the same time, excessive repression of emotional Zhang mou through this illegal way, trying to close to the life of xiaoyu, to meet their emotional needs.Zhang while Xiaoyu is not in the office, steal with xiaoyu on the table key.One day after work tracking light rain, master light rain’s address.Since then, Zhang sneaked into Xiaoyu’s residence during lunch break.Not only that, the police also found a U disk from Zhang’s home, which is saved to monitor the picture of Xiaoyu’s bedroom.Based on this clue, the police found a pinhole camera installed by Zhang in Xiaoyu’s home.For the side of the colleague, Xiaoyu said he had never noticed before, the original “devil is around”.At this point, the case is solved.At present, the criminal suspect Zhang is suspected of illegally invading other people’s residence crime by hongkou police criminal detention according to law.