Write the most beautiful “Professional blessing” with persistence and dedication

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Reunion is the theme of the Spring Festival.However, behind the lights of the reunion, there is always a group of figures, they abandon the company of their families, silently stick to their posts, shoulder the responsibility of the festival, hold up the peace of the festival with both hands, protect the people’s family reunion with dedication, and stick to write the most beautiful “professional happiness” in the Spring Festival.A family is not round, ten thousand round.Stability, xiang and has never come out of thin air, behind us, in addition to a strong motherland for our shelter, and the majority of stick to the post of their dedication day and night – people’s army holding guns, guarding the motherland’s borders;The people’s police command traffic and maintain public order in the cold wind;Sanitation workers clean streets and lanes to create a clean and tidy urban environment;Airline, railway, highway and so on.They take responsibility as a mission, give up the small family, for everyone, it is with their commitment and dedication, to support thousands of families warm, happy, safe and happy Spring Festival.Family is the smallest country, the country is the most.The Chinese people’s deep feelings for their family and country are embodied in the true feelings and responsibilities of each of them.They are not homesick, but have not only “small family” in mind, but also “everyone” in mind. They are rooted in every corner of the society, linking their own career with that of the society, and sacrificing their own time to support the happiness of more people.Although they do not have earth-shattering feats or spectacular deeds, they exude positive energy and dedication of “giving up their small family for everyone”, which is touching and admirable.For this group of unknown adherents, the Spring Festival is not only a rest, but also more responsibility and sweat than usual.Security inspectors bend over 8000 times a day;The deliveryman delivered 330 meals, including three lunches;The station watchman receives and sends hundreds of trains every day, and implements thousands of vehicle-machine joint control……A number in the Spring Festival travel, a heart-warming story, flowing is the warm current of love and positive energy gathering.It is with their perseverance that we can ensure that we can enjoy the warmth and happiness of family reunion with our loved ones.They are in the ordinary work post, practicing their own responsibilities, like a star, although small but emits a dazzling light.Although they cannot sit around the table with their families, they are still happy to see thousands of beautiful moments when they get together.Thousands of reunion lights, reflecting the red city sky, that warm color, into the thickest thoughts, into a firm pace.Although they can not get together with their families, for them, as long as they have love and care, no matter how far away they are, they can not stop the reunion.