This spurs team needs a good FIT.

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Anyone who has watched Hong Kong movies knows that every club has a “good man” to lead it, and often, he is the most ruthless.Do you get the sense that the Spurs need someone who is good at playing at certain points?After yesterday’s game, I believe many of the spurs were disgusted by the elbow of Golden State’s Kminga, saying that the Spurs players are too honest to be bullied in the face.Indeed, this spurs team is a good kid and lacks the kind of guys who can explode and get up and down, which probably has a little bit to do with it.Like the Spurs before Duncan, General Robinson was always the good guy, so even though he was leading the team for years, the team never won a championship until Nerd came along.Nerd: So, I’m the tough guy?While it is not advisable to play against opponents, having someone on your team who is not afraid of anything is certainly positive.Here’s an unfortunate example.It’s like the P5, each of which has nuclear weapons, so they can only dare to yell at each other and not start a war.So, let’s start with a quick reminder of some of the spurs’ most recent players.George Hill is no stranger to many spurs. During his years with the Spurs, he was a valued player by Gregg Popovich, who called him “my favorite student.”In a way, Hill is a near-perfect NBA player.He played in college for four years. He is an experienced player with a high basketball IQ, a fierce defender and an unselfish player.He has a tremendous work ethic, understands sacrifice, and is low-key and easy to manage.He’s a good guy. He gets along with everyone.His years with the Spurs have seen him grow quickly, his game is tough, and on parker’s injury days, he played even better than Parker.There was a classic scene where he even dared to clash with Kobe Bryant.At that point, Bryant went over to talk to him about something, but the rookie didn’t flinch, pointed at Bryant and fired back.After the game, he said, “I just want him to know that whether you’re an All-Star or AN MVP, I’m not going to back down.”In 2003, Horry’s shot bounced off the rim in the playoffs. The lakers lost the series, the OK group disbanded, and Horry went to the Spurs.In a 2007 playoff game against the SUNS, the Spurs called it quits with 24 seconds left, tying the game 2-2.Nash took the ball for the final play, and horry, who was guarding him, eluded Nash just before halftime. Nash slammed into the billboard under the tech stage, and horry eluded Bell as he challenged him.Horry’s move caused the SUNS players dissatisfaction, the SUNS swarmed into the court against Horry.Horry was ejected, Bell received technical fouls, and two SUNS players, Boris Diaw and Amare Stoudemire, were suspended as the SUNS lost the series 4-2 to the SAN Antonio Spurs.When Bruce Bowen mentions Uncle Bao, many people will criticize him, saying that he is the dirtiest player.One of his most outrageous scenes is probably the one in which he kicks Wolverine Szczerbiak.Szczerbiak caught a pass from beyond the 3-point line and was about to release it when Bowen, who was coming to the defense, either didn’t think it was too late or he didn’t stop and kicked szczerbiak in the face.Of course, this is definitely a non-sports action, the referee can be called violation or even ejected, and the league did fine him.But Bowen does have some real skills on defense, and he played kobe Bryant so well in the 2003 playoffs that he was one of the keys to winning that series.Bryant later praised his defense and enjoyed the challenge.Bertans and Beasley didn’t talk their teammates out of a fight during a Bucks game, but they actually got into it.The referee then each hit 50 big board, both ejected.”When I used to play in Serbia, this happened at least once a year,” Bertans said afterwards.Mr. Bertans added: “In our own locality, the only people who get expelled are those who fight, you know that.”5. Is Tim Duncan surprised that nerds fit in?In his 19-year career, he has hardly touched or moved with his opponent, always using the most basic moves to solve the opponent in front of him.Yeah, it’s that feeling of not being angry.This gives the opponent a sense of deterrence, telling the opponent not to mess around, or you will be punished later.As it turns out, any player who tries to challenge a nerd is in for a bad time.No, just ask Randolph who hooded a dork four times in an offensive round.Or ask Cousins, who was silenced by a barrage of defense and offense after challenging a nerd.Now, with Kuminga taking down both of us on the inside, I think it’s time for Collins, who happens to be the kind of guy with a temper, who can handle a disagreement with a word.It’s probably time for him to be able to play for the trumpet, and we’re looking forward to seeing his temper rub off on the good boys and inject some toughness into the game.Who knows, it might work wonders.