Serve the Winter Olympic Dream!Standing for hours in the cold, the volunteer from Jiangxi province said it was not hard work

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Original source | urban scene do not reprint without permission during the Olympics, there are more than 40000 city volunteers on-site service.The volunteer, Zhang Wenchuan, a sophomore at Renmin University of China, is from Yichun, Jiangxi province.Jiangxi city volunteer Zhang Wenchuan: Like my work, at the entrance and exit of the security check station, there will be visitors to the Capital Stadium, and we are mainly responsible for personnel guidance.Zhang wenchuan said she wanted to be a volunteer as early as when China won the bid to host the Winter Olympics, which inspired her to study in Beijing. Now she has finally achieved her dream.The work of urban volunteers for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games includes seven areas, including the area around the venues, urban volunteer service stations, ice and snow sports venues, key communities (villages), disability assistance services, civilized transportation, and the press center. Zhang Wenchuan works in the area around the venues and stands for several hours in the cold.Jiangxi city volunteer Zhang Wenchuan: It’s not hard, because our school has given us enough volunteer materials, incentives and security. We have been given enough warm babies and down jackets. In fact, we also have down jackets for small children.Born and raised in the red land, she said that she has been taught to bear hardships and endure hard work without fear of difficulties since childhood, and voluntary service is a practice of the red spirit.She couldn’t go home this Spring Festival, and her family gave her a lot of support.Zhang Wenchuan, a volunteer from Jiangxi province, said: “Of course, I will feel homesick more or less, because after all, this is the first time I will not spend the Spring Festival at home. But at noon on the New Year’s Eve, we held a large reunion party, which felt like home. We also had the New Year’s Eve dinner together.Volunteers who, like Zhang, can’t go home for the Spring Festival are working to protect every corner of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and they are the most beautiful scenery in the winter capital.