Reasons for spontaneous combustion of small train on tourist track

2022-06-01 0 By

Tourism is a new type of car entertainment equipment, with more people holiday tourism, tourism transport requirements also gradually improve, and represented by small train track for sightseeing tourism car use, not only because of his unique design, modelling beautiful, more important is can improve people’s quality and value of the trip.However, if the daily maintenance and maintenance of the tourist car is also the main reason for the short service life of the track train, and in these details, we need to pay attention to the cause of how the track train spontaneous combustion, prevent it in the bud.The main reason for spontaneous combustion of track train is that the track train battery is overcharged and the charger is constantly charged, which leads to the constant heating of the track train battery temperature, or the aging of the track train battery connection line will lead to the line heating;Track small train controller is connected to the motor line interface, whether not connected or aging, will be heated.This part of the circuit is the most, but also the most easy to burn;Track small train fixed battery metal frame loose, contact the positive and negative poles of the battery, resulting in short circuit combustion of the battery, so now many brands of electric tourism vehicles will basically pack this iron sheet with a layer of glue. As the name suggests, sightseeing trains are for sightseeing.Generally used in scenic spots, parks, resorts and other places.Unlike our common trains and high-speed railways, this kind of sightseeing train is special equipment, which is only allowed to run in factories (sites) and has speed limit requirements.Different countries have different limits on speed.T:15093336569