Pay attention!Children cough at night, do not do so

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Recently shenzhen weather changes capricious children cough capricious serious cough even tears parents feel distressed, especially at night when children cough is particularly serious that why so let us have a look!”Hello, doctor, our baby has coughed again” “We have taken a lot of medicine, ambroxol, procatol oral liquid, ketotiphen, it doesn’t work” these two words said how many treasure mother’s heart!Yes, every autumn children cough is the theme of the pediatric outpatient pediatric registered each big hospital around 80% are children cough cough clench pain with a mom and dad and grandma and grandpa heart especially cough at night in delay no more, in the long term, not only affect the development of the child’s airway, will also cause sleep disorders, affect children’s life and study.What is a night cough?Modern medical treatment generally “night cough” is classified as “airway inflammation, airway hyperresponse”.This cough is often induced by acute upper respiratory tract infection, specific performance for the upper respiratory tract infection symptoms basically disappear, the early morning cough symptoms, often irritant dry cough, paroxysmal, less sputum or even no sputum, no cough or less cough during the day.How should children cough be treated?The treatment is mainly anti-inflammatory treatment and spasmolysis treatment, specifically “budesonide atomization liquid, terbutaline atomization liquid” and other atomization treatment, oral preparations are “ketotifen, Montelast sodium chewable tablets, procatol oral liquid”.For the first visit to the children, the general effect is more obvious, but after the second onset, the treatment effect is not good.This is also the biggest headache.The inducement of children cough Chinese medicine thinks that children cough is induced by exogenous, exogenous is caused by six evil qi, six evil refers to “wind evil, cold evil, heat evil, damp evil, dryness evil, fire evil”.In autumn and winter, the disease is mainly caused by “cold evil, wind evil”, cold is Yin evil, easy to hurt Yang qi, cold evil guest lung, lung qi occlusion, can not be publicized, and cough;Wind is the long disease, often annexed cold evil lung, lung qi can not clear Xuansu descent, causing cough.Children “delicate viscera, shape gas is not full” (that is, the development of the viscera in children is not mature, all kinds of physiological function has not developed well).Therefore, the most vulnerable to six evil qi invasion and disease.Outside the lung through the nose, first, lung qi rise and fall disorder, induced cough.What about the cough at night?And “night cough” children often belong to Yang deficiency body cold, Yin deficiency internal heat constitution.Children with Yang deficiency and body cold encounter wind chill, easy to block the cold in the inside, lung qi can not be xuan drop, Yin qi is more abundant in the early morning, cold plus cold, so it is easy to induce cold cough, and Yang qi gradually filled in the day, so cough relief.Treatment to “warm lung cold, open xuanfei qi”.Children with Yin deficiency internal heat for Yin qi deficiency, lack of body fluid, cold stagnation, cold outside, into the body fluid can not reach, bundle in the lungs, long consumption of gas liquid for sputum, early in the morning Yang qi is deficient, can not help Yin body fluid, body fluid stagnation, even heat and phlegm, so easy to pharynx dry cough, even hosing.The treatment is based on “Nourishing Yin and supplementing qi, moistening dryness and sanjie”.How does Traditional Chinese medicine treat children’s cough?TCM has unique advantages in treating cough in children.For the night cough, in fact, for the imbalance of Yin and Yang in the body of children and six evil, the conditioning of Yin and Yang, making “Yin Pingyang secret, spirit and even” (is the body of Yin and Yang to achieve a dynamic balance of the state, is one of the best state of the human body).Specific treatment should be dialectical classification, selection of prescriptions, combined with children’s physical characteristics, individualized treatment.For children’s characteristics, in addition to the traditional decoction of Traditional Chinese medicine, there is no decoction granule chongfu.External treatment includes local acupoint application and moxibustion.If your baby belongs to the above two syndrome types according to professional TCM constitution identification, please remember to pay attention to cold protection and keep warm in winter, and remember to be greedy for cold.Professional TCM diagnosis and treatment and your care will be able to scientifically manage your child’s health.We have been working hard to protect the healthy growth of our baby