Meeting again and again. What’s wrong with Westbrook?

2022-06-01 0 By

What happened to Russ?Ever since westbrook announced his move to the Los Angeles Lakers before the start of the season, fans have been expecting him to join lebron James and Steve Timberlake in Los Angeles.But after the season’s trials, the Purple and Gold are now only ninth in the Western Conference at the halfway point, which is far from the team’s goal before the start of the season, can not help but make people disappointed, and the criticism conference is one after another.With a string of losses, injuries and an awkward atmosphere, it seems the Lakers have fallen into an endless cycle, and no one knows where the light is looking for.As one of the core three lakers, Westbrook’s performance this season is more and more unsatisfactory, increasingly low shooting rate, increasingly poor efficiency, so that Westbrook has become the target of public criticism, “meeting” after the game has become a routine operation.One wonders what happened to Westbrook, a triple-double regular last season, this season?First, westbrook’s initiative has declined this season.Venus in people’s impression, seems to be the thunder time dun days into the dread of superman, at that time, brooke is the beast on the pitch, for the impact of the basket and desire to win it, people often see him leap in the backcourt with rebounds after attacking a dragon, is a cheetah explosive force and thunderous dunks, style is violence,The look is quite cracking!It is also in this very rich visual picture, many fans succumb to Westbrook, gain a large number of fans, “triple double king” under the sky!But this season, Westbrook’s subjective initiative on the court has obviously decreased. Of course, with the growth of age, westbrook’s body function has decreased, although it is an objective fact, but it is not fatal.Deadly is less on the pitch control, participation, attention has fallen substantially, choose maddeningly mistakes repeatedly, attack, often staged whereabouts unknown mystery of movement, this all happened proves that the outside world seems to be that a guess: less become “mature”, “better mousetrap” is not high.Moreover, the team’s tactical play has not been effectively resolved.Although it is well known that the Los Angeles lakers have a “big three”, but had to admit, the lakers or James one team, already old, 37, zhan as the superstar in the league, took up the vast majority of the ball and the ball team task, more often the 2.03 m striker played a role in the team’s point guard.And Westbrook himself is a lot of ball in hand to play his greatest energy, to know that without the ball Westbrook is never a good player, especially his low outside shooting rate obviously stops the team’s pace of attack.Although coach Russell Westbrook and Lebron James are well aware of their pros and cons, it seems that after more than half the game, they still haven’t found the key to activate both of them.Finally, Westbrook needs to adapt to the way the league plays today.There’s an old saying: When there’s nothing you can do to change your circumstances, try to accept them.Learn to adapt to the environment, rather than trying to adapt to you.Less stubborn wei wei little impact, no doubt, even today, wei can also play in the match less tough layup and explosive dunks, but now the situation is changing, in the league ball game shooting ability becomes more and more important, as a point guard less, embarrassing perimeter shooting is clearly doesn’t make sense, this depends on the body of the football league has increasingly been abandoned.We would like to see westbrook continue to play in NBA basketball with more accurate shooting, more reasonable offensive choices, and better turnovers.However, if this is a reasonable Westbrook, is that the real westbrook in your mind?Welcome to the comments section and look forward to your comments.