“I believe the team will return to the top,” said Yu Bowei, China’s captain

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Beijing, Feb. 3 (People’s Daily Online) — China lost 3-1 to the Czech Republic in the women’s ice hockey group match at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games on Wednesday.It was the first time for Chinese women to compete in the Winter Olympics in 12 years. Yu Baiwei, the team’s captain, said after the game that although the team lost in the first match, they gained training and were more confident about the future.Referring to this game, Yu Baiwei admitted that the Czech team strength is very strong.”We played against a very good team and we got a good workout in this game to know where we can get better and improve, which is the most important thing for the next game.””We’re going to try to do our best, we’re going to try to play every opponent, and it’s going to be a tough game for us in these Olympics, so I think we can do it today.There are a lot of young players on the team who are playing in their first Olympics, and they did a great job today. Everyone worked hard on the court.”She said.This is the fourth time for the Chinese women’s ice hockey team to compete in the Winter Olympics, after the team placed fourth in the 1998 Nagano Winter Games.China last competed in the Winter Olympics 12 years ago in Vancouver, and has since failed to compete in Sochi and Pyeongchang.Yu, who was born in 1988 and was selected to the national team in 2005, is impressed by the ups and downs of Chinese women’s skating.”I wanted to cry the minute I stepped on the ice for the warm-up. I saw a lot of pictures.For Chinese women ice, including myself, to get to this point is still quite difficult.Luckily, I was there 12 years ago, and I’m still here 12 years later.It’s even more fortunate that the Winter Olympics are in Beijing, which means a lot to us.””Twelve years ago, I was a young player. Now I’m the oldest player on the team. That’s the biggest difference,” Yu said.But for me, I don’t think it has changed that much. It has changed more because I have more responsibilities to take on.”Yu baiwei admitted that he always had a “female ice complex” and believed that the team could return to the top.”When I joined the team, The Chinese women’s ice hockey team was always ranked among the top eight in the world’s top group. I experienced the best times of the team, and also went through the downs and reconstruction with the team. The spirit of the old women ice hockey team has always supported me.As for myself, I have never left this team. In fact, I want to return to the best period of Chinese women’s ice hockey together with the team, and we can stand in the top eight in the world again.As captain, I’m with the guys, I put my whole energy on the ice, and that’s what keeps me going and I believe that this day will come.”