“Fengxian women gave birth to eight children” investigation progress announced

2022-06-01 0 By

Since January 28, “fengxian woman gave birth to eight children” has aroused widespread concern in the society.In view of the problems exposed by the incident and netizens’ concerns, xuzhou Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government and Fengxian County Party committee and county government respectively set up a joint investigation team, organizing forces to visit grassroots police stations, cadres and masses of towns and villages, access to archives and consult relevant legal experts.At present, The identity of Yang Mou Xia has been identified by the public security department investigation, the relevant departments of eight children and Dong Mou Min, Yang Mou Xia’s relationship made an identification.Disciplinary and supervisory authorities are investigating those suspected of negligence and dereliction of duty.On the identity of Yang Mou Xia, the investigation team through access to Dong Mou Min, Yang Mou Xia marriage registration application materials, found that contains “Fugong County, Yunnan Province yagu village”, immediately sent to Yunnan for verification.Investigators focused on Yagu Village in Fugong County, and expanded to several surrounding towns to carry out investigations and visits, and issued a notice for assistance.The police through the household registration books, organized yagu village cadres and villagers to compare photos, accent, determined that Yang mou Xia’s original name is Xiaomei (parents deceased), Yagu village, Fugong County, Yunnan province.According to her relatives and villagers, Xiaomei got married in Baoshan city, Yunnan Province in 1994 and returned to Yagu village after a divorce in 1996, when she already showed abnormal speech behavior.According to xiaomei’s relatives, sang so-and so of the same village (female, was married to Donghai County, Jiangsu Province) brought Xiaomei to Jiangsu for treatment.At present, fengxian police have found mulberry so-and-so to understand the situation, mulberry so-and-so said that she was entrusted by the mother of xiaohuamei, with xiaohuamei to Jiangsu treatment and find a good family married, two people from Kunming, Yunnan province by train to Donghai County, Jiangsu Province xiaohuamei lost, did not report to the police at that time, also did not tell xiaohuamei family.The follow-up investigation will be released in due course.The joint investigation team organized two levels of medical experts to Yang Xia schizophrenia consultation, and the implementation of comprehensive treatment, Yang’s mental condition tends to be stable.Admission examination results show that: Yang mou Xia tooth loss due to severe periodontal disease, other health indicators are normal.Nanjing Medical University forensic institute DNA identification, eight children and Dong Mou Min, Yang Mou Xia are consistent with biological paternity.The public security authorities have launched an investigation into whether Dong is suspected of violating laws and committing crimes, and relevant information will be released in due course.Later, according to the investigation and treatment of Dong Mou Min, the responsibility of guardianship of his minor children will be determined in accordance with the law.Party committees and governments at the city and county levels will draw lessons from the incident, improve working mechanisms, implement effective measures, and further strengthen support for all groups in need.(Source: Xuzhou)