Baoan suspended on-site mourning activities during the Qingming Festival

2022-06-01 0 By

On the afternoon of March 28, bao ‘an District held a working meeting of the headquarters for qingming Festival 2022. Li Jieyun, deputy district head, and heads of relevant departments attended the meeting.It was learned at the meeting that during the Qingming Festival this year, baoan funeral service sites will suspend on-site memorial activities, and the general public can carry out “online memorial”.✎ baoan district since March 14 all cemetery, columbarium, concentrated buried deep point funeral services such as place, suspend the martyrs’s citizens and masses;Mass gathering activities such as group and community public offerings, sea burial of ashes and tree burial of ashes will be suspended.Deferred payment of cemetery management fees, ashes storage fees and other fees.The recovery time will be further informed based on the development of the epidemic situation.During this year’s Tomb-sweeping Day, citizens can mourn their dead through the “cloud worship” module on “I Shenzhen” and “Guangdong Affairs”. They can offer flowers online, send messages online, offer offerings to the deceased on the cloud, and write memes.At the same time, advocating a new trend of civilized sacrifice, it is forbidden to burn paper money, set off fireworks, and burn paper offerings in public Spaces of communities, municipal squares, municipal parks, municipal roads, and forest areas.The meeting required all units to improve their political positions, strictly implement the regulations of the Shenzhen Tomb-sweeping Day headquarters office on the suspension of on-site mourning, to ensure the realization of the “safe Tomb-sweeping Day, healthy Tomb-sweeping Day, civilized Tomb-sweeping Day” goal.We will strengthen joint prevention and control and mass prevention and control, and ensure that leaders lead shifts and key posts are on duty 24 hours a day.Strengthen on-site control of cemeteries and other places of worship, and strengthen emergency response to all kinds of emergencies;We will actively promote civilized and low-carbon funeral practices and advocate a new trend of respecting life and green civilization.● Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department upgraded the “Cloud memorial service” on the “Guangdong Provincial Affairs” platform to actively advocate civilized and low-carbon memorial, and green and safe memorial. Now log in the “Guangdong Provincial Affairs” small program to online memorial cloud memory of the deceased and convey deep thoughts ↓↓↓Search and log in the mini program of “Guangdong Provincial Affairs” on wechat, find “Department Special Area” on the home page, select “Civil Affairs Service Special Area”, and click the required service to enter the relevant page.Method 2: Log in to the “Guangdong Provincial Affairs” mini-program, click the “affairs” column in the bottom menu bar, enter the page, select “after-life service”, click “Cloud memorial Service”, and handle the relevant business.This year, the online memorial service of cloud Memorial service is divided into two parts: simple memorial service and memorial space for the deceased, to meet the diverse needs of people.Citizens can click on “Post a message” for a simple memorial, or click on “enter the deceased memorial space” to create a memorial space for the deceased relatives, “close” miss.Simple memorial service for citizens to log in the “Guangdong Province” small program, select “online memorial service”, click on the lower left corner of the “published message”, without real name authentication can be online simple memorial service, the message to express the feelings of missing.Citizens can also click “Enter the memorial Space for the deceased”, log in with real name authentication, select existing objects of the deceased or create new information of the deceased, and create a memorial space for their deceased relatives.After entering the “Memorial Space for the Deceased”, members of the public can view the life of the deceased, pay tribute to the deceased, remember their relatives and friends, and share links with relatives and friends in distant places to express their grief.After creating the space to save the dead, click “Life” to edit the life of the dead.2. Gift Click “Gift” to offer flowers, offer wine to express condolences to relatives and friends.Friends and relatives can also click on the lower right corner of the “friends and relatives memorial”, published words to express their memorial.4. Share Click “Share”, you can share the link to relatives and friends, invite friends and relatives from afar to remember their ancestors together.If time could come again, I wish they were still with us. But life is always regretful. Life always has expectations.