Su Yuntang: The volunteers of “Sangang Old base area” put the party flag on the embankment

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Under the command of the Party flag, Xihua county writers and artists charge in the front line of jialu River flood control and emergency rescue, recording the party cadres and the masses in the same boat, to win the victory of flood control and emergency rescue battle.Xihua county party cadres stick to the embankment, they transfer the masses near the embankment, they patrol rivers and ditches, they transport love materials, they maintain road traffic, they issue love meals……In order to win the victory of xihua flood control and emergency rescue, they have always fought in the forefront.Xihua river flood relief poetry anthologies 011 leap out of the danger Volunteers urgent rescue (two) – “old” three hills, the flags in the risks on the fighting and volunteers Su Yuntang morning of July 27, xihua county YiGang township “Gu Luhe eight water diversion project” one of the jump river Yang Zhuang sluice section, from the “old” three hills, more than 50 fighting and volunteer battled,The dangerous situation of leaping forward section is eliminated and the smooth flood diversion of Jialu River is guaranteed.Jialu River flood diversion project way aigang Township Yuejin river section, because the flood has not met for many years, the embankment inside and outside all kinds of autumn crops, and low embankment, pipe gushes, more gaps, temporary repair of the embankment appears weak.As the flood diversion of the Jialu River intensified, people in Yangzhuang village on the Yuejin river section began to worry that the yuejin River would breach and flood the village.Jump river safety moment affects three of the old, the heart of the masses of party members, in the hillock, miao ling head and capital hillock village party members, the masses through discussing, decided to organize a consists of SanWei cadres, party members and the masses of volunteer team of more than 50 people, joined to the township, the township government, and many times the request to the flood control emergency line support.July 27 morning, Yuejin River yangzhuang sluice section dike emergency.At the command, the volunteers of the three villages, under the leadership of the village Party branch, holding the party flag, carrying a shovel, rushed to the dangerous section of the Yuejin River.Together with township cadres, yangzhuang village cadres and the masses, they worked feverishly, loading soil, carrying soil and filling gaps.Sweat soaked his clothes and his towels were wrung dry and wet.Lingtou gang village party branch secretary Hou Ergang, Ducheng gang village party branch secretary Zhao Wenliang in front of the charge, Miao Li gang village party branch secretary Guo Shuistop these days high fever, still lead the rescue under the line of fire.County government office in lingtou Gang village work team leader Hou Jie, led his wife both joined the rescue team.Under the exemplary leadership of the Party branch and the village work team, more than 50 volunteers from “Sangang Old Area” participated in the war eagerly, but no one was tired of crying.It was not until the evening, when the volunteers had worked hard all day to eliminate the danger, that everyone breathed a sigh of relief.A paramilitary emergency platoon of soldiers in Aigang township of Xihua County, Central China’s Henan Province, July 22, 2017, patrols the embankment of Qingliu River with red flags in full gear during a rainstorm.And those in the rainstorm for the masses of water drainage day and night, the occasion of crisis to come forward to the former military village party secretary, has also become a recent “Internet celebrity”.On the evening of July 20, the meteorological department received a rainstorm red warning signal, the township entered a level of combat readiness, from the township party secretary, township head, township cadres to the branch secretary, village group cadres, all entered a state of imminent war.And soldiers divided into two ways: a team to township militia emergency platoon, township emergency personnel as the leading, the village emergency team with the patrol and evacuation team, 24 hours a day in qingliu River levee patrol on duty;The first team, with the village branch secretaries as the main body, organizes personnel and machinery to carry out farmland drainage and waterlogging work.The former branch secretaries zhao Jianmin, Ma Jianshe, Su Huabing and Qi Wenjun, for the sake of people’s lives and property, regardless of their own safety, where there is danger, there are their figures.They exemplify the loyalty and dedication of soldiers.Over the past few days, all the village cadres day and night patrol dikes, ditches and drainage, to ensure the safety of the people’s lives and property and responsibility of the river section of the flood.Since the middle of July, Aigang Township, Xihua County, has experienced a rare and severe flood in history.In the face of sudden flooding, Yang Zhuang village party branch secretary Yang, public security, led the village party members and cadres in flood control on the line, he is a commander, and fighters, more than 10 consecutive days and nights on the dam, where there is need to appear in, as if a cycle of gyro, with iron will hold position,Known as the critical moment to rush up, hold on, can win the flood line “desperately three lang”.Yang Public security led party members, the masses rush to repair the River dyke Yue-jin July 20, days of torrential rain, Yue-jin river emergency!Living in Aigang township Yuejin river west section of the water level began to overflow, danger is the command!!Suffering from coronary heart disease just discharged from yangzhuang village Party branch secretary Yang Public security, immediately led by party members, village cadres, representatives of the masses more than 130 people rushed into the River embankment.Yuejin River because many years did not meet the flood, the dam has been leveled and planted crops, the river slope is full of corn and other tall crops, and there are gaps everywhere, more than 160 meters of dam has not existed.Dangerous situation is great, the task is difficult, Yang public security did not hesitate.Spell it!Under his leadership, party members, cadres and the masses gathered earth to build DAMS and rush to repair embankments in spite of the scorching heat.The dam, which is 2.5 meters high, 10 meters wide at the bottom and 6 meters wide at the top, was built for five days and five nights.Yang Led party members and the masses to remove the Hanoi barrier after the dam was repaired, he and party members and cadres did not leave the dam.They endure mosquito bites, day and night patrol dike inspection, do not miss a doubt, timely inspection, insurance, insurance, the danger hidden danger eliminate in the bud, to ensure that every inch of dike, every dangerous section 24 hours someone on duty.He himself stick to the levee day and night, never lax, for days, a total of more than 10 hidden dangers, Yang public security are with people and timely disposal.Yang public security often said to the village flood control personnel: “do not be careless, keep the dam is to keep our own home.”In the night and night of July 26, with the ravages of heavy rain, the water level of Yuejin River gradually increased. The water level was only half a foot away from the embankment of Yuejin River, and the danger would come at any time.Yang public security quickly called party members, cadres, he said to everyone: the river has exceeded our village ground more than one meter, the dam is the lifeline of our whole village, the whole township, for everyone, but also for the small family, we desperately also want to protect.He led them all through the night, headlights and shovels in hand, patrolling the dikes.In the early morning of July 27, he saw the thick corn stalks in the riverbed affecting the flow of flood discharge, so he jumped into the river without hesitation to clear the obstacles. The water was cold and there were two or three meters deep in the water, which directly threatened his life. But Yang did not retreat half a minute.Led by him, zhu Jizhong, a 70-year-old party member, also jumped into the river, followed by several other members of the public.After more than an hour of dredging, the flood discharge barrier was finally lifted.Afterwards Zhu Jidong said to everyone, for the safety of everyone’s property, the secretary is diving, we still have what hesitation, also jump.On the morning of The 27th, two big trees on the embankment were washed into the river, affecting the flood discharge. Yang Police jumped into the river without saying a word, followed by the masses Yang Movement, who is in his 60s. After the efforts of the people above and below the embankment, the tree was finally moved onto the embankment, again eliminating the danger.Yang public security said: there are party members in front of danger!Such deep water, such an urgent matter, I am a party member, but also a secretary, I do not jump who jump first!Yang Public security led the party members, the masses dreg the Hanoi obstacle crisis moment, Aigang township secretary Yao Guangfeng, township head Kou Eryong led all township cadres and emergency commandos to come, we worked nervously on the dam for a whole day, finally eliminated the danger, to ensure the safety of the River embankment.Yang public security’s spirit of “desperately three lang” was highly appraised by the township leaders, but also moved the brother village party members, cadres.”Three gang old area” party members, the masses spontaneously organized rescue commandos more than 150 people, rushed to the rescue scene to participate in the rescue.Half Lou village more than 50 party members, cadres commandos also came, and Panan village, Houqiao village, etc. organized volunteer commandos, ready to rush to the front line.Since the day yuejin river rose, Yang Gongan has not slept without understanding or had a meal at home for more than 10 days and nights.Rain on the outside and sweat on the inside.Hungry on a bite of instant noodles, sleepy on the tree and stand a nap.He said he was afraid to sit on the ground and would fall asleep if he did.Already 53 years old person, oneself sufferred coronary heart disease, carry medicine.His voice was hoarse, his eyes were swollen and he had lost a circle of weight from day and night’s worry and fatigue.His love car four-wheel drive “Tiguan” car also in the dam to transport people and things, the car body is covered with mud and earth, has become the front line of the “tractor” flood.Yang Gongan as an ordinary rural party branch secretary, in the ordinary work post to work hard, self-abnegation, spend exhaustive worry.With a highly responsible attitude towards the party and the people, he faithfully fulfilled the original mission of a rural party member cadre.Especially in the face of the fierce raging flood, with practical action to interpret a communist heart of the masses, selfless fearless, brave indomitable fine style!About the author: Su Yuntang, born in October 1964, a member of the Communist Party of China, is now working in the government of Aigang Township, Xihua County.Since 1985, he has been engaged in news reporting, and has published more than 1000 pieces of various manuscripts in municipal and above news media. Some of his works have won national, provincial and municipal good news awards.He is now a member of the literary and art association between the province and the citizens, and a member of the Xihua County Literary and art Volunteer Association.