Cengong County Wushui Street: “Three moves together” boost the city’s Party construction “ice break” and open a new office

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Wushui Street predecessor is Wuhai Development Management Committee of Cengong County, with structural reform in 2019, a Wushui Street has been set up, facing the new development of street, community, branch and staff. With innovative mechanism, the Wushui Street can boost the city’s Party construction to “break the ice” and open a new office.Adhere to the leadership of party construction, fixed street “CPU” leading the key strategy, the construction of the city party construction “context”.One is to weave a dense city party construction organization system.Blind spots around the community governance, difficulties and weak point, in accordance with the county party committee organization department “about establishing organs, enterprises and institutions and the normalized link mechanism in community to deepen the party member reported to the residence community service work of the implementation of the program requirements, 㵲 water street innovation organization set mode actively, through community party branch and the jurisdiction in the unit party branch factory and industry altogether,Giving full play to the “red blood cell” role of party members, the six communities took the lead in comprehensively implementing the governance mechanism of “co-construction, co-governance and sharing”, and signed agreements on co-construction, co-governance and sharing between community and unit branches.At the same time, relying on the “one center a net ten partnerships” layout, solid pays special attention to the “group + + 10 grid member partnerships” grassroots governance “iron triangle”, build “transverse to the edge, longitudinal exactly, no blind area” of the organization system, and strive to resolve the branch down, wide coverage is not enough, the party members’ role play is not obvious.The second is to clarify the relationship between the context of urban party construction.Play a role of party construction leading the central street party working actively, seize opportunity transition, or with strong community, the power of the “two committees”, improve the community structure, straighten out the relationship between the community party branch and other autonomous organization, fully implementing community party secretary “may” and “two committees” team members cross work mode,Formulate rules and procedures for Party organizations to participate in all kinds of discussion, decision-making, supervision, evaluation and management in the community, ensure that all branches operate smoothly under the leadership of the superior Party organizations and the sub-district Party working committee, promote the leadership of Party building, the organic integration of multi-party linkage, joint construction, joint governance and sharing, and strive to build the “grand context” of party building in the city.Adhere to the inspection of pulse, fixed frame strong muscle “self-healing” strong recruit, build the city party construction “big health”.First, give full play to the linkage role of party building liaison officers.㵲 departments clear water street 1 working group members as a community liaison party construction, establish and perfect the system of party construction liaison guides the work of community party building, and actively play a liaison party construction in the party branch construction, policy propaganda, problem rectification of communication and guidance from top to bottom, timely master the working condition and feedback to the departments.Second, the standardization of the standard of the table party branch construction actively carry out the “inspection” of the “inspection of the Party construction work”, the branch self-inspection and inspection found problems in a timely manner issued rectification “prescription”, guidance to formulate rectification measures, clear rectification time limit and rectification responsible person, urge the completion of rectification item by item,For the party building work “disease root” “cure” to provide strong “prescription guidance”, activate the party building “nerve end”, smooth “capillary”, to build the city party building “great health”.Adhere to the normal learning, fixed work quality target ultimate type, build the city party construction service “pattern”.”To do a good job, you must sharpen your tools.”Wushui Street sticks to the normal learning system, focusing on improving quality and efficiency as the goal, and carries out a new round of learning and training in time.One is to carry out full staff learning for personnel adjustment.According to the adjustment of the new members, we will carry out centralized rotation training for all members of the community “Two Committees” and grid members from the aspects of steadying the political direction, enhancing ideological consensus, guiding the performance of duties, and improving the ability and level of serving the people.The second is to carry out special studies for business unfamiliar.Through the “party construction training grassroots” and other activities, invited the county party organization department party construction mouth responsible comrades on the “standardization of branch construction” “party member development” “party fee collection” “three meeting a lesson” and other content of the specification of a special training.Third, online and offline education will be conducted for floating Party members.On the basis of intensive rotation training and special training, floating Party members rely on new media such as APP, QQ group and wechat group to timely push information such as General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Important Speech on July 1 and Party history study to guide party members to keep their sense of purpose in mind and practice the “two establishment” and “two maintenance”.Through the normalization of learning and training, to build a learning pattern and new service bureau, the cadres of the “two Committees” in each community are more conscious of the practice of “two maintenance”, further consolidate their duty and responsibility, and further play the role of party members, laying a solid foundation for high-quality economic and social development.Correspondent Zhang Kun editor Wu Chun Orange editor Wu Shijun