Yiyang Hafu H6 car purchase discount 20,000 yuan, welcome to visit appreciation

2022-05-30 0 By

Swagger, wisdom leads the wave, Hafu H6 country tide edition glory listing: Hafu with many star models warm heart feedback!Multiple gifts to help you easily buy a car.As of February 28, Hafu H6 tide version car cash discount to 2000 yuan: replacement subsidy to 6000 yuan;Hurry to Yiyang Zhongyu Hafu bar!The store also provides a number of free services, such as free parking, free drinks, free lunch, free car washing, interested friends welcome to the store tasting, Yiyang Zhongyu Hafu will sincerely serve you!Promotion time from February 19, 2022 to February 19, 2022 Hafu H6 latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Yiyang quotation national tide version 1.5T automatic champion version 108,900 yuan 0.200 yuan 106,900 yuan National tide version 1.5GDITAutomatic champion version 113,900 RMB 0.200 RMB 119,900 RMB 1.5GDIT Automatic Deluxe version 121,900 RMB 0.200 RMB 119,900 RMB 1.5GDIT Automatic super deluxe version 128,900 RMB 0.200 RMB 126,900 RMB 2.0GDITAutomatic champion version 1219,900 RMB 10,200 RMB 119,900 RMB Guo-chao 2.0GDIT Automatic GT version 128,900 RMB 10,200 RMB 126,900 RMB