The training is grounded in the heart of the villagers

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After the beginning of spring, all things recover, spring farming production is about to begin. The professional and technical personnel of the Karst Research Institute in Southwest Guizhou also go to each township to guide and help carry out training, and strive to lay a solid foundation for this year’s agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income increase.In Anling Village, Haizi Town, Anlong County, forestry technicians Liao Desheng and Lu Yongcheng brought the cultivation and management technology training of honeybee plum and related popularization of science.In order to make each training farmers quickly familiar with the technology, and to use and effective, and use two technicians refinement training content, take the “theoretical study and practical training” the way of combining surrounding bees sugar lee market prospects, the growth of environmental regulation, the branches, plant diseases and insect pests prevention and control of watering, fertilizing, aspects of courses in the.Training class, technical personnel using plain language, through the vivid examples in detail, and interact with the training of farmers, the classroom activities, and to the problems encountered in the process of planting one by one answer, effectively solve some problems they faced in the process of production, make everyone to understand, easy to learn, easy to master.”When our village just began to plant bee sugar plum, because there is no professional technical guidance, the bee sugar plum fruit type is not good, the fruit hanging rate is not high, and the long worm can not be sold.After listening to the experts tell us so much knowledge, this year we must take good care of the orchard and try to sell it at a good price.”In this field training, the farmer Xu Min listened carefully, remembered carefully, asked boldly, and had a detailed understanding of bee sugar plum planting technology, benefited a lot.Four years ago, the farmer Xu Min actively responded to the call and planted bee candy plum with the support of the town Party Committee and government. Due to the lack of relevant planting expertise and experience, the extensive planting management mode led to the low quality of hanging fruit and poor yield effect.Through this training, Xu Min, like all the participating growers, has confidence in her heart and is more expecting to the quality and yield of bumblebee plum this year.In the field training, technicians demonstrated pruning, twisting and other practical techniques through field classes, and carried out field operations from grafting, cultivation management methods, fertilization steps and other aspects, and told the masses common matters needing attention in the process of conservation management.The training has played a positive role in accelerating the development of bee sugar plum industry of 2000 mu in the village.Correspondent Li Jinxiang yu Fang Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Yang Wen editor Qian Xingxing Song Jie editor Chen Zuyu